Sunday, January 18, 2015

White Faun- Fayeth has a face

I’m pretty proud of myself for dragging my fancy camera out and making myself remember how to use it. 
We got a snap of warm weather here in the mountains today so I was finally able to get a faceup on this little darling. Now all she needs is white eyelashes.
Some hobbyists claim that people have looked down on them for owning ResinSoul dolls. (i’ve never seen it meself.) Ju has actually been on my list of Grail-ness for years, in spite of her low price. I just had to figure out what I wanted her to be. 
Fayeth here is a ResinSoul Ju in white on a hooved Soom Adamelli/Shale body. She’s been made to match it by some creative blushing, as the resins do not normally match at all. I made her wig of Tibetan sheepskin, but her eyes are from evilBay.


  1. Resinsoul has the most gorgeous elven sculpts! Congratulations and I love her wig, too!

    1. I love their Yun, too- she's my other RS elf girl. Thank you!