Wednesday, May 23, 2012

About Davan

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Name: Davan
From the Court of Dun Elisedd storyline

Type: Iplehouse Taregan Elemental Guardian Fullset (Split) Superhero Body, Mobility Jointed, Lt Brown skin.

Birthday/arrival: March 2012

Wig: Handspun wool by me, needs replacing with a better one. I need to find some handspun or something like it in thinner form.

Eyes: default Glib acrylic, currently. Also mean to replace these, but every pair I get is too yellow or too orange. I need golden honey colored eyes!

Customization: just blushing and faceup by me.

Location: He's the antagonist of my Dun Elisedd story, the one person Kevya hates more than anything, and the man Lir recused Kevya from.

Likes: women, fine wine, wealth, efficiency, arcane arts and magic, power in any worthy form

Dislikes: foolish people who try to stand up to him or think he is stupid. Being dirty- he's almost comically fastidious about his personal cleanliness.

Personality: Merciless, calm, sadistic, imperturbable, cruel, hedonistic, possessive. A pleasure seeker. He has a driving need to dominate or destroy anyone or anything he decides to own.

Relationships: As to his love life, there are various women he has had his way with and cast aside when they no longer pleased him. He has no family, nor friends per se so much as allies and employees.

Any additional info/backstory: He is the person who enslaved Kevya and made him into a fighter for the arena games. He more or less governs his own small island, a hub of trade and commerce of every kind including slave markets. He dabbles in magic and uses it to mess with people or punish those who he feels deserve it. He knows Kevya better than anyone else alive, having spent many an hour toying with his slave's mind.