Wednesday, January 28, 2015

The Dollhouse Dolls

So now that these two are faceupped and wigged and clothed (sort of), here’s a shot of my dollyhouse sized couple, Illuminated Doll Iphigenia and Garmonsway Chris. They both still need me to decide what their names are. These are two little 1/12 scale people who will inhabit the dollhouse my Grandpa and I started to make a few years ago, and which I will finish.
The Chris has been slightly modded across his shoulders. I did the faceups, blush and wigs myself, so they’re not fantastic but I like them. His wig is made of silk fiber, and hers is that tibetan wool stuff I had some of, from another project. I found out it’s much more manageable and less floofy if I use a little hair moisturizer spray, well brushed-in and dried off.
I might give the Chris some chin scruff. He looks like a guy who might have chin scruff. Also, he needs real clothes. Her dress is passably elegant but he’s in unhemmed knit leggings; the man needs me to make him a decent outfit.

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