Friday, December 16, 2016

So it's been a Year

And I haven't posted much at all. This year I haven't had much time for dolls, just a few moments snagged here and there. I'm not sure what more to say than that- real life jumped up and took all my time.

I guess I can recount some of what I did manage over the course of the whole year.
 This is Chioma, my dyed Chibi Unoa. I finally dyed her, with iDye Poly and bought new PanPastels and finished her off with them. The richer colors were perfect for making her dye colors flawless. Her wig is a custom job by StellaMaris. I had made her clothes in 2015, while I was sick that Autumn.

Fayeth (Resinsoul Ju/Soom Adamelli body) is now modeling an experimental outfit I made for her last Spring, in the influence of green and growing things.
The top is just a heavy necklace made out of silver and glass beads. Now that it's cold winter, I feel like I should make her a more fitting gown for snowy weather.

 I finally made an outfit for Amadi. (Simply Divine Harlequin on a Dollstown18 body) This ombre silk has been in my fabric stash for ages, but I couldn't work out what to do with such odd colors- peach and mint?- until I matched them to this vintage scarf I've made a coat out of. Silk is so hard to work with, but the draping it gives is gorgeous. I hand-stitched it all, but it caught and snagged on every callous of my working hands. I was worried I'd ruin it.

I finished the blushing and faceup on my Withdoll Mai girl Nevae, part of the Eddion story. She's been without a faceup for far too long.

 I also made her a wig, after the one I bought for her just did not work out. This is black dyed tibetan lambswool type fiber, applied to a hardcap, pulled back in a chignon knot.

Doll stuff was planned: I am waiting on a head from Armeleia. "Wol" will be put on a slender Doll Chateau Kid body to become my long desired Aspen Dryad. I hand dyed some lace to make stuff for wigs for that doll, but I can't proceed without the head. The next step will be merely to work on the mods I want to do to the body. I can't blush it yet without the head to match it to.

I'm also making another doll I've thought a long time about, or  I will when I have time. I don't know how long I'll keep him, a few years, I guess- Some dolls are just compulsions, art I have to make, that pesters at my mind until I make them real. This one's name is Shade, and he is an IOS Anima head on a Dikadoll body. It will be dyed black.