Saturday, October 20, 2012

About Tiarnach

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Tiarnach is one of my Court of Dun Elisedd group, but he's an unfinished doll currently in need of a better version of his faceup.

Company and sculpt: SOOM Chrom head/ Granado Nuevo NS body
Height: 65 cm?
Resin colour: NS
Modifications: Hybrid.
Faceup: Me
Eyes: Custom by Shelley
Wig: Mohair shown, made by me.

Name (and nicknames): Tiarnach, Prince of the Wildwood, Lord of Shadows, The Blood-Drinker.
Age: ancient.
Birthday: unknown
Family and/or relationships: He is madly, obsessively in love with Siofra. He only wants her, she wants whoever she fancies today. This causes him no end of angst and frustration.

Occupation: Dark ruler of the night? Harassing these upstart Men and their petty Kings and Lords who think to tame the land, etc.
Pets: A young monster he keeps collared by magic.

Personality: Vindictive, jealous, clever, possessive, malicious, passionate, poetic, observant.
Hobbies: Frightening Men, drinking blood, working dark magic, lurking through the night looking for fools who don't have the sense to stay by a fire and bar their doors.

Likes:  Other people's fear, old forests, dark places, windy nights, etc.
Dislikes: Cold iron and steel, whoever Siofra is flirting with, people who show him no respect, the New Religions brought here by men that teach them not to be afraid and not to pay worship to the dark.

Other/misc. Tiarnach is one of the fae, Prince of the Wildwood, and means to make sure these mortals know it. He wants a return to the days of fear in the dark.