BJD Newbie Links List!

So you like BJDs, and you're gonna get one. What do you need to know? 
There's so much info out there, how will you ever find what you need?

Here are a list of concerns a new BJD hobbyist might have, and links to threads in the Den of Angels online forum and some other sources. If one of these links is dead, please let me know.

To read threads in the Den of Angels online forum, you will need to be a member there, so I will try over time to supply other sources as well, like BJD Collectasy.

What IS the Den of Angels forum?   

How do I join Den of Angels? This is the link to register. Currently registration may be closed. Keep checking. All  of us members joined in this way. Registration reopens every few months or weeks so that the forum does not get flooded with many new people all at once, so that Mods can help direct new people as they come in. It is not for "elitist" reasons.

I need help using the Den of Angels forum!

 ~Choosing a Doll~

Why are BJDs so Expensive?
Aren't they cheaper secondhand? Only sometimes?
Can't I just buy a Recast doll?  It's not like  bootlegging  hurts anyone. (Yes, it does!!)

Why Shouldn't I buy a Recast? I have a perfect reason to do so!

Okay, I see that recasting ruins the hobby and artists' livelihoods- how do I avoid buying a recast doll?

I would like a legit doll but less expensive! Under $300 USD, please.

Getting Started: What should I buy with my doll or before I get my doll?

~Doll Arrival!~
My doll is naked! Dolly needs a quick first outfit. How can I sew some simple shorts? How about a simple little dress?  Maybe some bikini-briefs and a bra top?

What if I cannot sew?
Den of Angels thread on Total Beginners Clothes you can Make
No Sew Dolly Dress   The basics of hand sewing, How to make a simple tunic with just 3 seams

How can I make some simple shoes? (MSD mary janes, could be adapted to any size or changed to suit another shoe style)
I want to make my doll a tibetan mohair/lambskin wig, how can I do that?
Another tutorial, for a way to make a front-hairline wig.
Making a size 6" doll wig from synthetic wefts. Could be adapted for other sizes.

How do I put in the eyes correctly? My doll looks kinda... spacey.

OMG Yellowing? How worried should I be? 

What is restringing? How do I know if I need to restring? Where do I get the right size elastic for restringing? 
A restringing tutorial and info, non-DoA.

What is hotglue sueding and how will it help my doll pose? Show me again, please.

Why do they call that sueding? Can you do that with suede? Cool!

Why shouldn't anyone touch my doll's face? It's okay if my hands are kinda clean right?

 OMG I glued a magnet in the wrong way! How do I fix it?

Help! My doll's  faceup  is  chipped!

Help! My doll's headcap magnets came out!

How do I "wire" my doll for posing better?

~So I decided I want to learn to do faceups and small mods on my own, instead of sending my doll to an artist:~  (no, it isn't cheaper to DIY)

 What do I need to know about Respirators? What about dust masks?
If I need to spray sealant or modify resin, I'll just wear a hankie over my face, surely that will be fine? No? How do I protect myself and work responsibly with these things?

What if I just don't breathe very much while I spray; I can't be Inhaling that much bad stuff can I?
What ends up in my lungs if I don't wear the right protection? 

What CAN happen to me if I inhale dust? 
What can happen to me if I inhale MSC spray paint, or Sealant, or any other aerosol paint?
So how do I stay safe? 
How do I take care of my Respirator?
Do I really have to do all that care with the respirator? (See "What can happen to me if I inhale dust/ aerosols?" No you don't have to protect your lungs, disease and possible death is always an option. Your Choice.)
Here's a website for model train hobbyists with some good info about the right gear to stay safe working with various materials.

What can I use for doing faceups?
Why can't I just wear a dust mask when I spray sealant? I feel fine.

What is sealant? Do I have to use only these sealants? Why can't I just use this other stuff? What is MSC? Can I use something besides MSC?

How do I remove sealant/a faceup?

Show me how to sand my doll's seams, please.
Can I pierce my doll's ears? Show me how, please.
How do I glue in Eyelashes?
Please show me how to blush and paint my dolls' nails- Let's do a Manicure!
How do I blush fantasy parts? Tutorial
How do I blush a muscular doll without overdoing it around the muscles?
A soft and natural faceup tutorial video.
Can I see someone else do a faceup, step by step? YouTubeVideo Here. 

Can a doll's resin color be changed by dye? How do I do that?

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