My Dolls- Eddion Story

Eddion is an unusual fantasy setting of a story of mine, with many countries and regions, and some very dangerous wildlife all across both continents. I'm portraying the main characters with 1/4 (MSD) scale dolls. (I'll probably add more here later!)

Company and sculpt: Fairyland MNF Mirwen, on a Custom modded A-Line formerly Male Muscle body.
Resin colour: NS
Modifications: Her body is a much carved and modified A-Line, formerly Male, Muscle body
Faceup: Me
Eyes: Antina Flat Oval green in 14mm
Wig: Monique Gold Line Alexis in red brown, 6"-7" size.
Moira is a young woman from vast Rangenland who does the dangerous task of riding alongside trade wagons or travelers, escorting them through the wildlands between settlements. She looks after herself well, but isn't afraid to admit there's a lot she doesn't know. The wildlands teach you not to get too confident.

Arkady Magir
Company and sculpt: Fairyland MNF Mika/Mir, or Mir/ka, much modded, Tan Skin
Resin colour: Tan Skin and paint.
Modifications: A lot of face mods. His head was in NS but after I modded it, I also painted it to match his Tan body.
Faceup: Me
Eyes: Eyeco Chuck Hazel in 14mm
Wig: Handmade Tibetan mohair
Arkady is an itinerant laborer, moving from settlement town to town, doing basic jobs. He's covered in scars and seems to be always in need of more sleep. Often smiling, he's cheerful and optimistic,  going out of his way to avoid conflicts or to dispel them and make peace. His clothes and face show him to be from Kiria, so Rangen is his first language, but he speaks Esquiorran well enough. He doesn't talk much about why he wanders, or where he got all those scars. On his left shoulder, however, are the Cadre Mark tattoos of a Kiriani Dog Soldier- men who are some of the most feared professional soldiers on the Continent.

Coming soon...
Company and sculpt: Withdoll Mai on their Girl body
Resin colour:UV Brown Tan
Modifications: none yet
Faceup: Me
Eyes: -
Nevae is a magic worker of her people, or as they say, a Chanter. Their magic is all wrapped up in their music, but much of it was lost when their country, Finlay, fell between its two warring neighbors. Now the Finnians are a destitute and a wandering people, singing of their homeland.

Chioma Abeni
Company and sculpt: Unoa Chibi Roron on Hannari body
Resin colour: Originally NS, Dyed.
Modifications: Dyed
Faceup: Me
Eyes: 10mm AllThatGlitters eyes, Medium Iris Large Pupil color 19
Wig: Probably by me.
Chioma is a little girl from the City of Bronze in Esquiorre, and she's always getting into big trouble. She has a secret, too- Incredible powers she is terrified to use.
(august 2015)

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