Friday, March 30, 2012

Eye Alignment and Human Expressions

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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

About Timmy

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Type: Fairyland Pukipuki Cupid
Name: Timmy
Nickname(s): Timmo
Age: Little Kid
Birthdate: 3/17
Nationality/Species: He's a Puki like Pip
Favourite colours: Green!
Skin: NS
Hair: Coppery brown
Eyes: Glib 8mm green
Sex: Male
Look: Simple clothes, nothing scratchy or uncomfortable
Likes: grammar, Botany, drawing, reading, going outside
Dislikes: the vacuum's noise, touching people too much, stinky perfume or fabric softener
Secrets: none? He's pretty up front.
Personality: Sweet, a bit shy at first, but very smart and very honest

This is Timmy. He is saying hello, even if it doesn't look like it. Timmy doesn't really "do" eye contact- He has Asperger's Syndrome, a type of Autism.

This is something I live with and a while ago I'd toyed with the idea of having a doll who had it too, but then he showed up and surprised me. I had trouble getting him to talk and I thought he was shy, but then somehow Pip, my other little puki, got him on the topic of the springtime plants and off he went like a regular ol' chatterbox! Botany is one of his very favorite things.