My Dolls- The Court of Dun Elisedd

The Court of Dun Elisedd
Composed of SD+ sized dolls (the larger ones), these are the main characters of a medieval-fantasy court in a castle. I do have a storyline of sorts for them, and they all have very different, sometimes clashing personalities that keep the function of a court in running the kingdom very interesting.

The story is set in a Low-Fantasy world that is based somewhat on European and UK histories from around 600-1000 AD or so- Dark Ages to early Medieval. There is magic, but very little, and very subtle. There are Lords and Princes and warrior Kings, and Law is by the Sword. Theirs is a relatively simple world, made complicated by virtue (and vice) of the people in it.

High on a hill sits the castle, Dun Elisedd. It was the ancient King Elisedd himself who first raised a fortress here, and it has been added to and built upon in the years since by his royal descendants.
War has torn the kingdom, bloody and swift. A country's young men and hale men have been cut down like wheat in a terrible harvest of souls, leaving the few survivors to try to pull their world together again. The old King Gahaeris, his heir Cai, and almost all the knights are slain.

The Princess Elinore rallies the people to rebuild, and sends out another messenger every so often to try to find her wandering brother Lir, now heir to the throne, and bring him home. He returns to find a kingdom and a house in ruins, and all hopes resting upon him.

Company and sculpt: SOOM Lupin
Height: 63cm
Resin colour: NS
Modifications: Shortened neck
Faceup: Me
Eyes: Masterpiece Afghan 13mm
Wig: wool roving, made by Me
Lir is a Prince who will become a King, and he's just come home to find his family and friends decimated by war.

Kevya the Wolf
Company and sculpt: IH Barron Mod/Lost Angel Thunder body mod/Dikadoll hands, modded
Resin colour:NS
Modifications: Extensive body mods, facial mods, finger mods, scar mods
Faceup: me
Eyes: Volks metallic Lt Blue 14mm
Wig: Iplehouse wavy black 8", modded by me
Kevya is a slave who Lir rescued and freed. He has now dedicated his life to Lir's service.

Company and sculpt: Migidoll Jina/Aoi Tuki body/Elfdoll Hands
Height: 60?cm
Resin colour: NS
Modifications: some sanding on the Aoi Tuki body, hybridzed
Faceup: me
Eyes: Glastic 14mm
Wig: Dollzone wavy black 8"
Princess Elinore is Lir's younger sister and sole remaining family member. She's glad he is home to take the throne, but furious with him for leaving in the first place.

Company and sculpt: Unidoll Suri
Height: 62cm
Resin colour: default
Modifications: Sanded on the body, dyed (this is an old pic)
Faceup: me
Eyes: Eyeco 13mm
Wig: Happy Camille dark brown wavy.
Lady Rowena was a childhood playmate of Lir's. When the war broke out, she and her family had to abandon their home and come to live at Dun Elisedd, behind its safe stone walls.

Sir Donovan
Company and sculpt: Iplehouse Akando
Height: 70cm
Resin colour: NS
Modifications: Hip mod so he can sit up by himself
Faceup: me
Eyes: Soom single-dome Nile 12-14mm?
Wig: Iplehouse, modded by me
Donovan is the youngest son of a Laird of the North Clans, and he came to Dun Elisedd to make a living for himself there. After the war, he found himself Captain of the castle guard. (2009)

Company and sculpt: DIM Torudoll Karon
Height: 61cm
Resin colour: WS
Modifications: None. (le gasp!)
Faceup: Mostly me, some default
Eyes: glib sunflower 16mm
Wig: me, wool roving
Mathonwy is Dun Elisedd's scribe and archivist at only 19 years of age.

Company and sculpt: Leeke Romeo head/SOOM Supergem body
Height: 63cm
Resin colour: NS
Modifications: Slightly shortened neck
Faceup: Me
Eyes: Glib, dark grey/black acrylic 16mm?
Wig: Leekeworld 9"
Winter is the court's sarcastic Harpist, and Lir's oldest friend. (His actual name is Aeron Pryderi, but no one calls him that.)

Aiden Forrester, formerly Aiden Colric.
sculpt: Granado 64cm older body/ Volks Yukinojo Hybrid.
Height: 64cm
Resin colour: yellow NS
Modifications: None
Faceup: volks, added to by me, blushing by me
Eyes: Volks glass 16mm
Wig: Unknown, secondhand.
  Aiden is the disinherited son of a Baron who had turned on the King. He fought with his father over his sister's political marriage, then betrayed his father and brother to the King as revenge. Now he's a hunter and Royal woodsman.

Company and sculpt: Resinsoul Yun on an Angell Studio Charm body
Height: 62 cm
Resin colour: Lt. Tan, Body custom matched
Modifications: hybrid
Faceup: Me
Eyes: Eyeco?16mm Teak
Wig: by Tannis
Siofra is a seductive unseelie fae with a talent for causing trouble.
(2010, current body 2012)
Company and sculpt: SOOM Chrom head/Granado Nuevo NS body, DikaDoll hands
Resin colour: NS
Modifications: Hybrid.
Faceup: Me
Eyes: Custom by Shelley
Wig: wefted Tibetan Mohair I dyed
Tiarnach is one of the fae, Prince of the Wildwood, and means to make sure these mortals know it.

Company and sculpt: Dollshe Saint head (modded), Little Monica body (modded), Soom Benmore hands, Soom Monzo legs (modded)
Height: ~70cm
Resin colour:WS/Grey
Modifications: Hybrid frankendolly
Faceup: Me
Eyes: Ersa Flora copper leaf irises, 14mm
Wig: Me, made of wool yarn.
Aneirin is a monster kept like a pet by Tiarnach, Prince of the Wildwood. He is nocturnal when he can be, likes drinking blood, eating raw fish, and he adores flowers.

Company and sculpt: Iplehouse Taregan, Lt. Brown skin, original fullset release.
Height: 70cm
Resin colour: Light Brown
Modifications: None
Faceup: Me
Eyes: ? Gosh I don't know I keep trying different eyes but nothing works!
Wig:Yarn, for now. Needs redoing.
Davan is a warlord with big plans. He was the one who enslaved and tormented Kevya for so many years.

Company and sculpt: Simply Divine Harlequin head, Dollstown 18 Male body
Height: 70 cm
Resin colour:Simply Divine Cinnamon/ Dollstown Pale Tan
Modifications: Hybrid.
Faceup: Me
Eyes: Eyeco Ebony 14mm?
Wig: Hardcap with Tibetan Lambswool, by me
Amadi is an exceedingly tall but softspoken servant who works for Davan. He rarely speaks, so people tend to underestimate him. He's always watching and listening, though.