Sunday, January 18, 2015

Illuminated Doll Iphigenia

Put a faceup on my Illuminated Doll Iphigenia, who needs a name. She ended up with dark green eyes and she will probably get dark hair but we shall see. This lousy pic doesn’t show the colors well. She's sooo tiny! She's cast in a tan that's a very rosy purple brown, and does not have eyewells for changeable eyes. She is meant to be 1/12 dollhouse size, and I've got a beau for her in the same scale. Pics soon. The two of them will be a pair of magicians living in the dollhouse my Grandpa and I built.
I think I am going to paint in shadows on her ears so that they look like they have the detail that isn’t sculpted in. I feel I could now paint an eyeball on half a grain of rice, as her eyes are about that size. Uff.

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