Sunday, December 4, 2011

On The Worktable- Current Projects

Okay, here's a rundown of what I've been up to the last few months, and what I have planned or am already working on, in between bouts of bedrest. (Don't ask, long story, medications and then a sinus infection)
I would have included pics but Blogger is being weird right now and messing up my uploads, so you get me blathering instead.

Just finished:
-Making Taki the realpuki hybrid, painting him and making his basic outfit. He is now a very smiley warrior fae in spiffy duds.
-Gave Winter, Leeke Romeo hybrid, a new wig, nice and short.
-Gave Elinore a new wig, dark brown instead of sable.
-Made Donovan the EID Akando a full outfit, tunic and shoes and everything.
-Made Kevya some pants that fit, finally.
-Gave Adara's Khorae, a YID Iplehouse girl, a massive mod makeover and blushing.
-Finished faceup and blushing of Farron, my new Littlefee Elf El.
-Gave Stella the LTF Troll a serious hip modification, new blushing and a new faceup, as well as a new sleeping faceplate.
-Re-faceupped Scythe the MSD, got him real clothes, but the shoes don't fit, so I need to sell those and get good ones.

Currently working:
-Working on Kitso, a Puki Madeleine mod, who will be another tiny warrior fae and Taki's former hunting buddy. All that's left is to sand his ears smooth and remove his seams, and then I can paint him up. Made him some clothes tonight.
-Softening the jawline and browline of a Souldoll Killian head to go on a custom ordered muscular woman body- She will be Fiachra.
-Finding Tiarnach a body imposing enough for him- Soom Supergem is nice but too lean. He needs to have more oomph.
-Waiting on a custom colored body for Siofra. I love her face like crazy, but ResinSoul's kicky 58 cm girl body just isn't enough for me as a collector any more- it can't pose nearly well enough to be my Siofra.
-I need to mod Sir Malcolm's head so it will fit on the Iplehouse SID body he is supposed to be able to use.
-I need to blush that body and make it some clothes for Malcolm to wear.
-Waiting on a Dream High Studio Fira, a special limited fairy that I may sell to make room for other purchases.
-Waiting on an Iplehouse Elemental Guardian Taregan, which will be getting a few subtle mods to be my Davan, villain of my Dun Elisedd Story.
-Going to be buying a Minifee Ruth sometime in the coming year to re-shell my character Two Hands.
-Going to be getting a Minifee Girl body for my Unoa faceplates, which I have decided to make into my character Aithne, so she will need a faceup and blush too, once that body gets here.

As always, props need making for my dollies- I mean to make Elinore a healer's kit, a pack and survival tools for Kitso, and this big white Battat horse I have is going to get spruced up for the Minifees to use.

Also, I am sculpting my own BJDs! First project is a tiny doll, using Super Sculpey Firm, and he is meant to be a Feegle, as in Terry Pratchett's Tiffany Aching books. A six inch tall warrior faery with a tendency to fight everything.
The other sculpt is a Paperclay experiment I have dubbed Mighty Aphrodite, and she is a plus sized 61 cm female body with plenty of curve. So far she is just a rough torso, but I like what I've got and intend to keep going.