Why Shouldn't I Buy a Recast?

Recast, Recasting- Someone buys a doll and sends it to an illegal/unethical company who makes knockoff copies of it and sells them, so none of the money gets back to the Artists who made the doll. 
Then the Artist who made the dolls cannot afford to make them, and has to stop making them, or make less of them and charge a lot more to break even, since nobody gets rich making BJDs. Some people are getting rich by recasting other people's work though. 

For some reason lately lots of people have decided that their desire for a cheap doll justifies supporting people who are robbing artists, instead of supporting artists themselves. You will see lots of arguments about this, with all kinds of claims about why it is okay. It is not. It is immoral. It is illegal in most countries. It is theft.

Attempted justifications You Will Hear:

But I need my OCs to look right! That need is not more important than an artist's need to pay mortgage and feed their family. Dyeing, modding and sculpting your own OCs would all be non-slimeball ways to get perfect OCs, none of which involve defrauding innocent art makers.

I can't afford legit dolls! Yes you could. If you saved like everyone else who has legit dolls, you could. Or maybe you just can't have that $800 doll. Life is hard. It sucks when you can't have a dolly, but it sucks even more if a doll maker can't feed their children and has to quit making dolls to go work a CNC machine in a factory because YOU couldn't be bothered to pay them for their work.
Here's a list of legit BJDs for under $300.

It's just a doll, it's not like that matters. You know what does matter? Paychecks matter. Every recast doll is a paycheck an artist will not get. Every recast doll is a dish of ramen instead of a nice meal for someone's family.

I deserve nice things! No, you are not in fact entitled to nice stuff. It is not a legal right, like the artist's legal right to get paid for working. THAT is a legal right. 

Recasts are so much cheaper! That is because they are stolen goods. Fakes. Bootlegs for which the artist does not get paid.

It isn't stealing! I paid for this doll! You paid thieves for it. You give money to people who steal so they can keep stealing. Ergo, it's a stolen doll. You aid thieves when you buy stolen goods.

It's not like the big company is getting hurt by me having a nice doll. Yes, they are because they are not a big company. Artists make BJDs. Even "big" companies have to fire people if they cannot make ends meet. People will lose their livelihoods if you give money to thieves. Food, homes, medicine- these things are why we make dolls. Not just because we enjoy other people telling us they don't want to pay us for our work.

"You think all pro recast should kill themselves!!11!!"
No, I think they should quit giving money to thieves. 

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