My Dolls- The Art Dolls

A couple of my dolls exist more or less for their own sake, as art pieces without too much background.

Company and sculpt: DIM Secret head on a much modded Domuya Flexi-1 body
Height: 61cm
Resin colour: White, dyed mahogany
Modifications: Sanding, dyeing, stringing channels drilled open
Faceup: Me
Eyes: 16mm purple glass cabochons with bubbles in them
Wig: by me, Manos De Uruguay handpsun wool
Copernica is kind of her own little creature. She's just a doll of a doll, inspired by ragdolls and antiques.

Ishrafaeli (Work In Progress)
Company and sculpt: Dollshe Van head on a Soom SuperGem body
Height: 63cm
Resin colour: White
Modifications: Lots planned!
Faceup: by me
Eyes: Ersa Flora Silver holographic
Wig: Yarn
Ishrafaeli is a Techno-Angel of sorts, and like Copernica exists for the sake of art. He will hopefully be a companion and counterpart for her.

Company and sculpt: Luts Event head 2013 (modded!) Dollzone 70cm body
Height: 70cm
Resin colour:Originally NS, dyed and painted and sanded
Modifications: Oh so many.
Faceup: by me
Eyes: Ersa Flora GID green
Wig: Possibly Leeke?
Aleph is a Golem, done in a bit of a steampunk/Miyazaki style.
Company and sculpt:IOS Anima, on a neck modded DikaDoll 65cm body
Height: 65cm
Resin colour: Originally NS, dyed
Modifications: Dye, neck made longer, Soom Hands.
Faceup: by me
Eyes:KOK small iris blue and silver
Wig: Custom job by an etsy seller.
Shade is ... hard to explain.

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