Friday, April 22, 2011

About Timmany

Timmany is one of my very smallest dolls, at about 6 cm tall. She's a Limited Edition Sylph from DreamHigh Studio, from a production run of a month or two in Winter 2010->2011. I bought her for myself as a reward of sorts for hanging on through some pretty freaky happenings. I like to think her stubborn face and teeny fists symbolize a sort of hopeful little fighting spirit.

This is her sitting on Stella's lap, in her new wig I just made. Her first wig was white tibetan mohair, and it was unruly and stiff and wouldn't stay on. This one is softer lambswool roving, wispier and better fitting. It also matches the eyebrows she came painted with. Timmany is one of the only dolls I have whose face I did not paint- I ordered her fully blushed and painted because she was just so small, I don't know that I could do it myself. Her eyes are the ones she arrived with from DH Studio. I have no idea what size they are, but the teal is a pretty color.

Here she is with her new wings. I made them from a printout of Cicada wings, some wire, and superglue. They're stuck to her back with sticky-tac for now. I'm wondering about attaching them permanently but we'll see. She's looking much more "herself" with them on.

So far, character-wise, she's a feisty little thing, but given to wailing and a bit of sulking if she's feeling particularly miserable. This is cleared up quickly by a half-thimbleful of something tasty. She likes the company of the other tinies, and is quick to perch on an available shoulder, hand, arm or head of any other doll nearby.

Timmany is also the only fairy I have with this magical talent- She glows! I tried to catch the effect of her glow in this pic. After exposure to bright light, her glow is intense! DH Studio is the only company I know of that is currently producing Glow In The Dark dolls. Donny (the artist) has formulated a durable new resin recipe that lets him not only sculpt things to be cast so small, but it appears to take glow-pigment-stuff really well!

This is a quick snapshot of Timmany's Lantern House. I bought a lantern from a local home decor place, lined the bottom with Mosscloth, and the back panel with fake vellum to keep it translucent so light can come in. She has a little seashell and a tiny basket in there, and a scrap of white rabbit fur for a bed. I put the little gold seal on the top of the lantern- a piece I made years ago out of Sculpey.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

On Surnaming Dolls

Would you give your BJDs a surname?

Yes. Since the Main group of my dolls are "medievalish" fictional in genre, there are a few basic kinds of surnames typically used in that setting:
Descriptive, (Jon the Tall, Jon Hammerhand, etc)
Patronymic (Jon Larsson, Jon Mac Duncan, etc)
Locative: (Jon Bywood, Jon o' Kent, Jon o' Darbyshire)
And Occupational: (Jon the Hunter, Jon Tanner, Jon Taylor)

So Kevya is Kevya the Wolf, and that's a descriptive name. My harpist is Aeron Winter, another descriptive surname, even though his mother's surname was Pryderi. I have a knight named Sir Malcolm Owen, and it's a patronymic name, as his family is the House of Owen. The Prince/King is Lir, known to his people as Lir The Wanderer- I haven't decided on Lir's family name yet.

Would you give them YOUR surname?
Certainly not. My surname is for members of my family. My own surname is a very specific locative surname referring to a certain ancestral farmstead in a certain country. As there are less than two hundred of us by our name on this broad blue Earth, we bear it with a certain amount of pride, and use it to determine who, out in the wide world, is some distant kin of ours. Dolls aren't real people, and they are not in my family, nor are my dollies my "children", so they do not get my surname.

Would you rather give them a random surname?
Their surnames actually tend to mean something, as I mentioned above. Medievally, surnames were to tell people apart when they had the same first name, and also to impart extra information about them, such as what they were like or what they did for a living.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Some of the Tinies

My Dolls: The Tinies
In the Asian Ball Jointed Doll Hobby, "tinies" are the dolls about 26cm and smaller. These are some of mine.

Type: Fairyland Littlefee Pipi, modded, Soom Ai hooves
Name: Stella the Troll Child
Nickname(s): Stella-Bella
Age: somewhere around 7
Birthdate: April 12, which is when I had finished her, I think, in 2010
Faceup: By Me, all mods by me
Nationality/Species: Bridge Troll
Favourite colours: Green, rose, earth tones
Skin:":"white "
Hair: fake fur wig
Eyes: violet 14mm
Sex: Female
Look: Earthy/Nature themed fantasy clothes
Likes: Nature, books, dressing up in awesome clothes, running around, pastries, mushrooms
Dislikes: pesky fairies. Bad writing. Swiss cheese.
Secrets: Wants a rose pink Tudor gown
Personality: Bit of a loner, book child with a lively imagination
Background: none in particular.

Sculpt: Fairyland Pukipuki Pipi
Name: Pip
Nickname(s): my Darling
Age: Unknown
Birthdate: June 13
Faceup: By me
Nationality/Species: Elf pixie thing
Favourite colours: Blue
Hair: little brown pigtails by Tabloach! 3-4"
Eyes: Very blue, unknown 8mm
Sex: Female
Look: She is my little fairygnome girl! Favorite outfits are the green felt sundress I made her, her steampunk outfit and goggles, or her traveling leathers, with a little string belt she keeps charms on. Prefers to go barefoot, but owns leather slippers, tennies and little elf clogs.
Likes: Her nest, Sparkly things, Seashells, silver charms, playing outside, bothering the bigger dolls, Playing with Mister Tibbles the plushie cat, exploring, sailing in her airship, playing with Nikos, Briar, and Iggy, her puki friends so far, or hanging out with Apple and Timmany the fairies.
Dislikes: Being bored, being alone, scary movies, being teased by Nikos.
Secrets: Likes to dress up and be a pretty-princess every so often.
Personality: Wise but childlike, Very curious and bold, eager to "asplore new fings an' places". Speaks entirely in LOL. "Can haz airship?"
Background: Arrived a bit bewildered from her many travels, but settled right in, thrilled to be out of the wide world and have a room and a nest of her very own. Now that she's adjusted, she's raring for another high adventure and hoping I find her friends to share it with. "Da Airship Fisseldown gotta haz a crew!"

Type: Fairyland Tyni
Name: Apple Blossom
Nickname(s): Imp
Sex: F
Age: Unknown/young lady
Birthdate: unknown
Faceup: Me
Skin:": Normal
Hair: FakeFur
Eyes: Glib Brown 6mm
Nationality/Species: Fairy
Favourite colours: Green
Look: Fairy nature sprite thing.
Likes: The outdoors, her sister, teasing Stella sometimes, exploring, collecting sparkly things, nesting
Dislikes: Being told to sit still
Secrets: Is considering finding herself a mate and making a love nest.
Personality: Cheeky, clever, sneaky, cheerful, optimistic
Background: Came here with her sister Cherry looking for fun and adventure

My Dolls- The Court of Dun Elisedd

(All characters except as noted belong to me and are original creations, please do not use.)

-The Court-
Composed of SD+ sized dolls, (Which is hobby lingo for dolls about 58 cm and larger) the Court is made up of the main characters of a medieval fantasy court in a castle. I do have a storyline of sorts for them, and someday I might get around to writing and publishing their story as a novel of the Medieval fantasy genre. They all have very different, sometimes clashing personalities that keep the function of a court in running the kingdom very interesting.

High on a hill sits the castle, Dun Elisedd. It was the ancient king Elisedd himself who first raised a fortress here, and it has been added to and built upon in the years since by his royal descendants.

War has torn the kingdom, bloody and swift. A country's young and hale men have been cut down like wheat in a terrible harvest, leaving the few survivors to try to pull their world together again. The old King Gahaeris, his heir Cai, and almost all the knights are slain. The Princess Elinore rallies the people to rebuild, and sends out another messenger every so often to try to find her wandering brother Lir, now heir to the throne, and bring him home. He returns to find a kingdom and a house in ruins, and all hopes resting upon him.

Prince Lir
Company and sculpt: SOOM Lupin
Height: 63cm
Resin colour: NS
Modifications: Shortened neck
Faceup: Me
Eyes: Masterpiece Afghan 13mm
Wig: wool roving, made by Me

Name (and nicknames): Lir (the doll itself is known occasionally as Mister Scruffy)
Age: 23
Birthday: in the Autumn
Family and/or relationships: Father:Gahaeris (dcs.), Mother:Elaine (dcs.), Brother: Cai (dcs.), Sister: Elinore
Pets: A raven named Scratch
Personality: Calm, curious, mild, compassionate, soft spoken, introspective
Hobbies: wandering, reading, studying histories and records,
Likes: Time alone or with close friends, long journeys, riddles and mysteries, books, his family
Dislikes: shallowness, rudeness, useless noise, flattery, cruelty
Other/misc. facts: Believer in lost causes, likes the Lady Rowena very much

Short bio: He left his castle home, going out alone as he often did, but this time he stayed away for two years, chasing rumors of a hidden record, an ancient text. He found it, and followed the advice of a blind poet to sail to an island ruled by a cruel lord, where he rescued a slave who could read the words written in the book. Then he journeyed home, hastened on his way by rumors of war in his father's kingdom. Nothing could have prepared him for what he would find on his arrival.

Princess Elinore
Company and sculpt: Migidoll Jina/Aoi Tuki body/Elfdoll Hands
Height: 60?cm
Resin colour: NS
Modifications: some sanding on the Aoi Tuki body, hybridzed
Faceup: me
Eyes: ?14mm
Wig: Dollzone wavy black 8"

Name (and nicknames): Elinore, Linnet Bird
Age: 20
Birthday: in Spring
Family and/or relationships: Father: Gahaeris (dcs.), Mother: Elaine (dcs.), Brother: Cai (dcs.), Brother: Lir
Pets: none.
Personality: Observant, clever, feminine, brave, bold
Hobbies: reading, stargazing, singing
Likes: sweets, roses, songbirds, honest men,
Dislikes: liars, panderers, flatterers, over-ambition, battle
Other/misc. facts: Quite capable of taking the Throne.

Short bio: The youngest of the three children of King Gahaeris, Elinore is left by the deaths of her father and brother to act as Regent and rule the Kingdom. It never would have happened but for the war, and the absence of her brother Lir, who will have to accept the Throne and become King.

Lady Rowena
Company and sculpt: Unidoll Suri
Height: 62cm
Resin colour: default
Modifications: Sanded on the body, blushed back to original skintone
Faceup: me
Eyes: Glib acrylics, 14mm (?)
Wig: Happy Camille dark brown wavy.

Name (and nicknames): Lady Rowena
Age: 20
Birthday: In the Spring
Family and/or relationships: Parents
Pets: none
Personality: Lively, smart, inquisitive, daring
Hobbies: riding, hawking, long walks, exploring
Likes: fresh air, sunshine, windy weather, Lir
Dislikes: being shut in, gossip, court intrigue
Other/misc. facts: She and Lir were childhood sweethearts

Short bio: Rowena used to visit the castle with her family when she was young. When the war broke out and their home was captured, they escaped and came to live at the castle.

Kevya the Wolf
Company and sculpt: IH Barron Mod/Lost Angel Thunder body mod/Dikadoll hands, modded
Resin colour:NS
Modifications: Extensive body mods, facial mods, finger mods, scar mods
Faceup: me
Eyes: Volks metallic Lt Blue 14mm
Wig: Iplehouse wavy black 8", modded by me

Name (and nicknames): Kevya, Wolf
Age: unknown
Family and/or relationships: none
Personality: feral, shy, alert, intelligent, slow to trust but very loyal once trust is gained
Hobbies: following Lir around, eavesdropping, people-watching, sparring with the soldiers
Likes: being outdoors, animals, going barefoot, music
Dislikes: being locked up, being restrained, crowds, being touched, being grabbed
Other/misc. facts: Expert at hand to hand fighting. Growls if cornered. His canine and premolar teeth are slightly pointy.

Short bio: He was a shepherd on the northern island of Sai Verdan. Then he was captured by raiders and spent six years in slavery on the island of Rilvomar. He was forced to fight men and beasts in an arena for the entertainment of a crowd, and he became something feral and terrible before finally being freed by a compassionate stranger called Lir.

Aeron Winter
Company and sculpt: Leeke Romeo head/SOOM Supergem body
Height: 63cm
Resin colour: NS
Modifications: Slightly shortened neck
Faceup: Me
Eyes: Glib, dark grey/black acrylic 16mm?
Wig: Leeke? and Iplehouse, both long and silver, 9"

Name (and nicknames): Aeron Winter (D***ed Harpist, That Bastard, Devil's Get)
Age: 22
Birthday: Very early spring
Family and/or relationships: Mother: Lady Catrin Pryderi (dcs.)
Pets: none
Personality: Inwardly a poet and a dreamer, outwardly a cynic, acerbic, doubtful, perceptive, snarky.
Hobbies: Music- he is the King's Harpist
Likes: Good wine, fine music, the rare honest person, quality harpstrings, fine weather, a receptive audience
Dislikes: most people, liars and sycophants, Kevya, ungrateful audiences
Other/misc. facts: If he's in a lousy enough mood, when there's feasting he waits until he's not needed for accompaniment and gets himself absolutely smashed, ending up with some willing young lady in his bed.

Short bio: His mother, Lady Catrin, vanished one Midsummer's Eve, only to turn up on a frosty misty morning near Allhallows claiming she'd been been away with the faeries, that she had a faery lord lover who would come to join her shortly, and take her away again to marry him. She did not seem to grasp reality at all anymore, and she sang strange songs to herself. She was deemed quite mad, and kept in the home of her brother. In the early spring as the earth began to thaw, she bore a child. A strange child with dark eyes and silver hair. She claimed the boy looked just like his supposed faery father. Everyone else just made warding signs against evil, and called him Devil's Get. He grew up with a prodigious gift for music and a fair voice, so he turned to harping as his occupation, being unable to claim noble birthright.

Sir Donovan
Company and sculpt: Iplehouse Akando
Height: 70cm
Resin colour: NS
Modifications: Hip mod so he can sit up by himself
Faceup: me
Eyes: Soom single-dome Nile 12-14mm?
Wig: Iplehouse, modded by me

Name (and nicknames): Sir Donovan Callaghan
Age: 25
Birthday: In Winter
Family and/or relationships: Lady Khorae
Occupation: Captain of the Castle Guard, knight
Pets: none
Personality: Honorable, gentle, chivalrous, almost naïve but more competent than he seems
Hobbies: hunting, riding
Likes: beautiful women, chivalry and honor, being polite, tourneys and good times with friends
Dislikes: rude people, cowards and traitors,
Other/misc. facts: A very capable leader of men, but stammers and blushes like a teenager when confronted by a pretty lady.

Short bio: Son of a northern lord, not standing to inherit much, so he came to the court and distinguished himself in the service of the King. He came to his current position by surviving the recent war, though that was not due to him holding back at all on the battlefield.

Company and sculpt: DIM Torudoll Karon
Height: 61cm
Resin colour: WS
Modifications: None. (gasp!)
Faceup: Mostly me, some default
Eyes: glib sunflower 16mm
Wig: me

Name (and nicknames): Mathonwy
Age: 19
Birthday: in Autumn
Family and/or relationships: ?
Occupation: Scribe and recorder
Pets: none
Personality: inquisitive, meek but occasionally snarky, witty sense of humor
Hobbies: Reading! Eavesdropping
Likes: books, girls, feasts, food, books, maps, stories, books…
Dislikes: mold and mildew, illegible handwriting, mean girls
Other/misc. facts: Uses reading lenses. (Yes, I know they’re not the medieval kind, you try finding those at all let alone in doll scale. Hrmph)

Short bio: A simple scribe. Escaped having to join the battle and a likely death in the war by dint of his occupation as witness and recorder- someone must survive to tell the story.

Sir Malcolm Owen
Company and sculpt: DIM MNM Ian Somerhalder/shared body
Height: 63cm
Resin colour: NS DIM Minimee resin
Modifications: Eyes evened out a bit
Faceup: me
Eyes: Glib? Acrylic, Light Blue, 14mm
Wig: Iplehouse, modified

Name (and nicknames): Sir Malcolm Owen. (Not Mal. Ever.)
Age: 52
Birthday: in Spring
Family and/or relationships: ?
Occupation: Knight, formerly of the King’s personal guard
Pets: none
Personality: A weathered veteran of several battlefields, courageous, dependable, and often the voice of reason or experience. Has courtly flirting down to an art, which makes the ladies blush and the younger men feel like idiots.
Hobbies: hunting, hawking, riding, target archery
Likes: Chivalry, loyalty, duty, the royal family
Dislikes: coward and traitors, anyone who disrespects women or the Crown
Other/misc. facts: Has survivor’s guilt.

Short bio: A knight for most of his adult life, he was one of eight men who protected King Gahaeris at home and on the field of battle. In the war, the entire guard was cut down, the King and the Crown Prince were both slain. Only Sir Malcolm survived, lying wounded in the mud and assumed by the enemy to be already dead. He has yet to fully come to terms with the loss of not only his closest comrades, but his Prince and King, whose defense was his sworn duty.

Company and sculpt: Resinsoul Yun,
Height: 58cm
Resin colour: lt. Tan
Modifications: none
Faceup: Me
Eyes: Eyeco?16mm Teak
Wig: by Tannis

Name (and nicknames): Siofra
Age: unknown
Birthday: unknown
Family and/or relationships: ?
Occupation: Faery?
Pets: none
Personality: Capricious, sensual, flirtacious, curious
Hobbies: leading men astray, confusing people, toying with mortals, singing, dancing
Likes: men, mortals in general, jokes and pranks, fine music, light and laughter
Dislikes: cold iron, steel, humorless people, being slighted
Other/misc. facts: She is one of the faery, the Sidhe, the Bright Ones, the Fair People, and don’t you forget it.