Thursday, February 27, 2014

Mod Project- Minifee Muscular Girl -part I

 NSFW Doll Nudity Ahoy!

This is part I of a project.
Part II is here.
Part III is here.

Artist's foreword: Yes, I am constantly modding something. Yes, it makes me happy, so I'll probably keep doing it. Yes I have several other projects on. Yes, each of them will get done in due time, don't worry.

I glanced at a very feminine pic of someone's Fairyland Minifee Muscle bodied boy, (I don't recall which) and for a moment I saw something else. The idea of what I saw stuck with me. I often get the best ideas for art from what I think I see for a moment, not what I am actually looking at. I saw the idea for a Minifee girl with muscles, but still very much a girl. Her own different kind of beautiful. That vision captivated me, and I had to create this doll. She'll fit very nicely into a fantasy story I've been pondering in which the main cast is mostly girls.

So far she's just a male body I bought and have been modding. Eventually I'll get her a head and a sleeping head; I've already chosen which sculpt. Here's where we started, for a reference. A Minifee A-Line Muscle boy in NS. Ignore the horse, please.

First, the obvious- Removing the male genitals and replacing them. I haven't finished by giving her labia yet, but here's how far this part's gotten. I also removed all the seams on this hip piece.

 I've been removing seams as I go. I've found I like dolls without visible seams when I can get them that way. For any of my own dolls I mod, I've started just doing seam sanding as a matter of course, while I have them in pieces anyway.

 Then, reshaping the abs. Most women have generally different abdominal shapes than men, and every individual has different ab shapes anyway.
This is a nice soft shape for a slim and athletic girl, but the gal I am making here has even less body fat, so I'll need more definition than this. Still, I will remember this shape when I do other sculpting work.

 On many women, the outline of the main "sixpack" muscle set is like a chubby vase sort of shape. I added the bottom edge of the ribcage above the stomach muscles, and I have scraped away a teeny bit of the waist on each side, to give the impression of the hourglass torso slim women have, resulting from the curve of their hips and how the muscles anchor to it. Much of female anatomy is determined by the bowl shape of their hips- men's hips are more of a box.

 Here's the lower-body-fat, redefined abs, and the chest piece.
All that sanding changed the resin tone of some places a little, so I will have to blush and sand to get it all to match again. Not a problem.
I've scraped and sanded down the "adam's apple" of the throat, which does not protrude on a woman as it does on a man.
I sanded off the male nipples so they'd quit distracting my eye as I try to position the female breasts over the pectoral muscle.
Seams also got sanded again, wherever I found them.

 The Apoxie here is tinted so I can cover it easier- blueish grey Apoxie is harder to paint over and blend into the NS than peach-brown. The breasts of a woman with this much muscle definition and this low of body-fat are usually quite small, and her muscle tone would give them a nice perky shape, perhaps. Breast tissue in humans sits right on top of Pectoral muscle but does not necessarily cover it entirely, especially if the pecs are large and the breasts are smaller.

Part II is here.
Part III is here.

Monday, February 3, 2014

The Minis Needed Luv

Scythe on a laptop- Not sure it's his, he can't afford one. He looks like he's making remixes or something. Honestly he's probably lining up a new Bach playlist. I think this dorky lil' outfit is what he has to wear as a barista at the Green Leaf cafe where he works.

Scythe is a FL Minifee Seorin in NS from the first run of Seorins, so he's got this mellow gold tone of NS. (aged resin, mmmm) His nose has been slightly modded, he's wearing MNF girl hands, and his wig is a Monique Evelyn. Aesthetics by me.

I like how the light in this one makes them look like they're in front of a window.

Scythe's room, which needs books for the shelves and a wee record player for Scythe's vinyl. He has got a laundry hamper, that's something.
Hands, quit pestering Scythe, he looks annoyed with you.

Hands is the dyed MNF Ruth there with the ripped up jeans and the personal boundary issues.