Sunday, June 26, 2011

Corn is No Place For a Mighty Warrior

So right now my studio is halfway unpacked from moving, thanks to the fabulousness of a best friend. Since I'm not done setting up again, doll mods are slow at the moment but are at least faster than they have previously been the last four months.

I'm working on a Fairyland Pukipuki/Realpuki hybrid, giving him the sturdier body of a pukipuki but the elfin face of a Realpuki Soso sleeping faceplate. He's going to be Apple's beau and eventual husband.
So far he's had his headback adjusted to take the Realpuki faceplate, dyed a mahogany tan, and now given a teeny tiny faceup made possible by Acrylic thinner and a new paintbrush I have that lets me make ridiculously tiny lines.
Here he is, in all his tiny nude glory:

Now that he has a face proper, I can't help but think I've made a mistake. I've been calling him Sorrel up until this point, reasoning that Apple had a floral name so he should too. Sorrel is just not the kind of name a tribal-looking little hunter and warrior should have. He seems much more joyful and fierce. Especially fierce. Sorrel is no name for a mighty warrior. I must find him a new name.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

About Apple

Type: Fairyland Tyni, a realpuki from Fairyland
Name: Apple Blossom
Nickname(s): Imp, fashionista, The Domestic Goddess
Sex: F
Age: Unknown/young lady
Birthdate: unknown
Faceup: Me
Skin: Normal
Hair: FakeFur from e'bay
Eyes: Glib Brown 6mm
Nationality/Species: Fairy
Favourite colours: Green, strawberry
Look: Fairy nature sprite thing.
Likes: The outdoors, her sister, exploring, collecting sparkly things, nesting, making new fashion creations
Dislikes: Being told to sit still
Secrets: Is considering finding herself a mate and making a love nest.
Personality: Cheeky, clever, sneaky, cheerful, optimistic
Background: Came here with her sister Cherry Blossom looking for fun and adventure

When the company Fairyland first released their 9cm Realpuki line, I thought the Tyni sculpt was obnoxious and kinda homely. He didn't have eyebrows to speak of and they gave him a long pointy mosquito nose. Then I saw owner pictures and I started to get ideas. Ideas about maybe modding the nose, and how cute the Tyni's eyes could be, and what if it were painted and dressed as a girl instead of a boy... (Realpuki bodies are gender neutral) Eventually I fell in love and got one, and within an hour of opening the box I had modded her nose to be less pointy and began planning faceups.

I tried several looks, but she ended up with a surprisingly feminine ladylike faceup, complete with impish lashes and strawberry lips. She also just looked best in blonde, another thing I had not expected. She was going to be my little wild fae, but she wanted gowns, frocks and dresses! Jewelry and tiaras, and maybe a few purses? Her sense of style is still very nature-based and whimsical, but I never thought I'd have a fairy who wants to be a fashion designer!

Her personality appears to be some expression of my home-maker side, because all this fairy wants to do is set up house, interior decorate, and cook and sew amazing fae couture! She's got a little pumpkin house that she's set up shop in for now, and she is a designer for other fairies who come to get gowns made by her.

I bought a tiny sewing machine and I found this wee sewing basket at Hobby Lobby with ribbons and thread and things. She has several outfits now, and teeny tiny jewelry, and two pairs of shoes from Fairyland.

I am working on a Pukipuki/Realpuki hybrid so she can have a beau, and then I have a teensy tiny micro BJD, a "Squee" from DreamHigh Studio that is 5cm high, and he's gonna be their kid after they get married. Yes, I've got it all planned, hah.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Character Interview: Kevya

From a Character Interview thingy on "Den of Angels", a BJD forum.
Kevya is a character of mine from a Novel-In-Perpetual-Progress that I've been working on for years.
Being able to make a BJD that looks pretty much like him has been a goal of mine since I got into this hobby. I think I've almost got the doll how I want it.

Doll Mold: Iplehouse Barron Mod
Face up: me
Eyes: Bright blue
Hair: Black
Age: Unknown

He's from a medieval world, and he's... a rather strange person. I'll let him answer but I may add comments.

If you were to describe yourself with one word, what would it be?
Wolf. That's one of my names.

What is most important to you in the world?
Right now, Lir. He saved my life, and probably my soul too.

Would you help someone who needed it while passing?
I... suppose so.

Are you very observant?

How innocent/naive can you be?
I was once. I'm not anymore, except maybe where court social life is concerned, but I'm under no illusions.

Can you entertain yourself easily?
I suppose. I can always spend time watching what's happening around me.

How well do you get along with others?
I don't... really like people. Especially not crowds.

What was the longest time you had a friend?
Before I was a slave, back in the north, I had friends I knew for years and years...

Do you have someone who knows you inside out?
Yes, and I pray never to meet him again.

How short is your temper?
That depends on what is bothering me. I am normally patient.

Can you let go of grudges easily?
I don't form them easily, but I doubt I ever let go of them. Some things I cannot forgive.

Do you read?
When I can.

How long do you stay interested in something?
As long as is needful.

Do you know your parents/creator?
No. I was found on the tideline after a storm, half drowned.

What is your birthday?
I don't know.

Do you have any siblings?
None that I know of.

Ever have to fight for what you believe in?
I've had to fight for my life. I believe in surviving. Now I fight to guard Lir. I believe in him.

When did you move out on your own?
A year or so after I was found, I left the house of the people who took me in and built my own small home.

When did you REALLY mature?
I've always looked this same age, somewhat. I feel so much older and more worn having been a slave. Years were taken from me.

Did you have many friends?
I did, before being made a slave.

Any action you regret?
Every murder I was forced to commit in the fighting arena.

What is a memory you treasure?
Everything from before the arena is vague and faint, but I remember being married to my wife. I remember loving her.

Do you have a dream partner?
I haven't dreamt like that in a long time.

Do you believe you seek someone like your parents(or creator)?
I wouldn't know.

Do you have one night stands?
Do I what?

What feature is most attention grabbing for you?
In a woman? Her temperament. If she is unpleasant, her face hardly matters.

What MUST someone have for you to consider them?

Older, younger, same age as you?
I don't know my own age- Who am I to say?

How do you feel about settling down?
If I could, I think I would.

How many dates before you go to bed with someone?
Beg pardon? ... I would want to be married to a woman before I gave myself to her.

How do you handle rejection?
I'm not sure.

How many times did you stop something before it developed?
...I don't understand the question.

Have you settled down and if so for how long?
I was married once for fourteen years. She died.

Any Children?
No. I could not give her children. She had born a child of a previous marriage who had died in infancy, so she could have carried a child...

What do you love most about your partner?
It's hard to remember- Everything before the arena is so hard to recall- I loved her laugh. I loved her eyes. I loved being held by her.

Any petnames?
What? No.

How many relationships have you been in?
Elrehanna was my wife's name. She died of a fever.
There was a... woman who was employed by my owner, when I was a slave- that doesn't count.

Have you ended any?
I killed that woman. Snapped her neck.

Has your heart been broken?

Any loves you cannot have?
My wife is gone, and I have grieved for her.

Do you believe in true love?
I think I had it once.

Have you ever died?
What? No, if I had, we would not be talking. [He has died, he doesn't remember]

Can you even die?
Well, yes.

Have you seen someone die?
Too many.

Have you killed someone?
Too many to count.

Have you had someone killed?

What makes you truly happy?
Now? Being safe. Being with Lir, out in the countryside.

If you could, what is one thing you would spend your life doing?
I intend to spend it serving my King.

Do you have a job, if so what is it?
I am Lir's guard.

Have you ever gone insane?
Wha-? Yes. Yes I have and I'd prefer not to talk about it.

Did you ever feel as if you were the only sane one in the world?

If you had a choice, would you live a calm eternal life, or live a wild short life?
Peace doesn't sound so bad.