Friday, December 11, 2015

About Arkady Magir

Arkady Magir
of Kiria

Company and sculpt: Fairyland MNF Mika/Mir, or Mir/ka, much modded, Tan Skin
Resin color: Fairyland Tan Skin (and paint.)
Modifications: A lot of face mods. His head was in NS but after I modded it, I also painted it to match his Tan body, using Montana Gold spraypaint in "Toffee".
Faceup: by Me
Eyes: Eyeco Chuck Hazel in 14mm
Wig: Handmade, a hardcap wig with Tibetan mohair

Name (and nicknames): Arkady Magir
Age: 32
Birthday: in Spring

Family and/or relationships:
Somewhere in Kiria, his parents and two younger sisters might still be alive. Both his parents were caught up in alcoholism and a life of petty crimes. His father had once served in their ruling Lord's levy army, but drink ruled the poor man's life after that. Arkady doesn't know much of his mother's history, remembering her as a tired, soft spoken woman worn out by a hard life. They were never cruel to him, but neither were they able to pay him much attention. Maybe in an effort to get him out of their world, his parents traded him to an army officer for a short barrel of southern wine when he was six. He was raised among warriors in the local fortress, and occasionally visited by his Uncle, a successful merchant who tried to help his family out from time to time. He's not sure if his family are still living now, but his Uncle travels so there's always a chance they might meet on the road. Arkady isn't sure what his Uncle would think of what his nephew has become.

He's a vagrant worker, moving from town to town looking for basic menial work. Arkady, unusually for a common freeman, has no skill at any trade. He can't ride a horse, he can't farm, he can't fish, he can't cook, he can't work a craft, mines make him claustrophobic, he can't sail a boat, and he's awkward with hand tools. People usually give him a few meals in exchange for roughly chopping wood or mucking out stock stalls.
He has three tattoos high on his left arm, the Cadre Marks of a Kiriani Dog Soldier, the private elite warriors of the ruling Lords of Kiria. Unlike the armies of farmer-soldiers levvied from a Lord's tenant population in times of frequent war, the Dog Soldiers dedicate their lives to the arts of battle. They train daily, live in their own barracks, and spend all their time with their Cadre, a score or so of other young men with whom they form a close bond. Dog Soldiers don't often grow old. These men are known all across the Northern lands for their relentless efficiency in battle. He was one of them once- and he is reluctant to talk about why he isn't one now.

None. He's not very good at riding horses, which belong only to nobles or warleaders in Kiria.

Generally optimistic and cheerful, he likes to think things through before he acts on them. He's an introspective person, but he tries to live in the moment as much as he can. He's very compassionate to people around him, and will go out of his way to avoid conflicts or arguments. 

He hasn't really got any... Does napping count as a hobby? He says it does.

He loves having a warm dry place to sleep, and regular food. Like, meals more than every few days. He's a creature of very simple tastes. He loves having dry feet in comfy shoes. Anything he didn't cook is always welcome. (he can't cook.) He's actually a People Person and likes to meet or talk with people, just to be around people. He mopes if he's by himself too long, and gets restless and edgy. He likes getting a full night's sleep, which is rare for him, therefore he also likes naps. He likes dogs when they aren't chasing him, but he really loves cats. A lapful of purring cat beside the fire is his idea of a lovely time.

Dislikes: Wet feet, bad food or no food, walking in bad weather, being cold, sleeping on cold ground or wet ground, and he really hates mud. And biting flies (mosquitoes). He strongly dislikes bullies. In a feudal society there's plenty of those around. He hates it when people try to pick a fight with him. He flat-out refuses to handle any blade larger than a knife. He won't sleep in a room without two exits (window and a door). He can't sit with his back to a doorway. If someone steps in close to him suddenly he will back up or off to the side.

Other/misc: He has a habit of watching other peoples' hands- like what they're doing with them. He sleeps very, Very lightly.