Thursday, December 4, 2014

Doll Changes Meme- Minifees

Playing around with a meme by DeviantArt user onegreyelephant, so I did the Minifees I have. Left out is Aithne, my Hybrid Unoa girl, since she's not exactly a MNF and I can't find a good "company" pic or blank shot of her yet. She might be in another one of these if I do more.

Doll Changes Meme- The Littlefee Gang

Playing around with a meme by DeviantArt user onegreyelephant, so here's my Littlefees.
I may do this with some of the other dollies too.

Thursday, November 13, 2014

"I aten't Dead". Dolly Plans as they stand now.

So I've been off this blog while the school year kicks my butt. So much has happened this 2014 that it's hard to fit it all in. I will now attempt to anyway.

Personal news:
I have moved to a House, and my downtown art studio is being moved to my home. Now I'll have a room for dollies sewing and photography, and an outdoor studio for sculpting, modding, armoring, leatherwork, woodwork, casting, prop making and other messy pursuits. There will even be a ventilated Spray Booth for Safe Faceups in any weather! Right now I have the indoor Craft Room half set up, and it's been SO much easier to do things in there.

In June, I finally figured out what's been so wrong with my health, probably for years now. I am diagnosed Non-Celiac Gluten Intolerant. Making the change to eating totally Gluten Free has been a daunting, life altering shift ,and I've been taking it pretty hard, but I'll adjust eventually. I am trying to find a balance that will work for me, with ways to make vegetables my number one food pyramind base when I hate them so much. Uck.

Dolly News:
Some dolls have been let go, and some new faces have come along!
Sir Malcom, an Iplehouse SID hybrid from the Court group, and Fiachra, a Nobility doll hybrid, have both been sold on. Their characters are not fleshed out enough to justify me keeping such a huge bulk of costly resin around.
I posted my work on Moira, my new FL Minifee Mirwen mod, earlier this year.

 I have also acquired a longtime Grail dream, a ResinSoul Ju head on a Soom Adamelli/Shale body with clear "crystal" hooves.
 Isn't she darling? I made her a wig after a few false tries. Somehow the braids  kinda make it. I've always loved the Ju sculpt. I had to blush her to match her snowy RS resin to Soom's ivory, so I hope her head will mellow out soon and make that color match a bit easier. Maybe I can put her head under a UV lamp to hurry it along. I've done that with other resin- doesn't harm it a bit.

This is Jules! He and his gal-pal Freckles have come to live with me! They are sharing a Pukifee body. I finally have every body size of FL tinies, so I can craft reliably for each of them! Jules is a Juri '11 Multihead, and Freckles is a Zio Multihead faceplate set (Not shown, obv.)

Dolly Plans:
Remember this guy? Aneirin is my Dollshe Saint frankendolly mod, and I am so excited about finishing my outdoor Studio because I will finally get to really get busy with sculpting and modding in a work environment designed for that! I want to finish Aneirin so badly. He and a few other half done mods that really needed the right facilities will finally get my attention.

All I can say is those of you who have been wishing there were more >Size 0-2 dolls available out there... Well, start saving your pennies because I have planz.
Things the doll hobby does not have much of: Dress size 14-16 Ladies, in SD or MSD size. Men who have any body fat whatsoever- I don't mean obese, I mean not-shredded or lean. Mature faces. Mature MSD faces.  All in skintones from white to pink to tan to black, heads separately available from bodies, multiple hand options, multiple bust options, possibly even multiple limb options.
If those things interest you, watch this blog.
If, on the other hand, you are a recaster (thief) or recast supporter (buyer from thieves), get lost. You are not welcome here until you quit giving thieves money for stealing.

Monday, August 11, 2014

The White Faun- experiments with Angelina Fibers

This is my Soom Adamelli, an MSD sized doll with clear resin hooves. She doesn't have a head yet but I'm awaiting a Resinsoul Ju head with long elfy ears. She's going to be a pale forest fae, ethereal and feminine.

 I'm experimenting with making her clothes, after failing to find anything for sale that would work for her. This garment was made with Angelina hot fuse fibers. I will try again once I get more fiber, but this is a cool looking start, I thought.

So far she has no name.

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Golem of Ivory and Brass - Aleph

Aleph is a Luts event head on a Dollzone 70cm body, and has been much customized. His eyes glow in the dark, his chest gem flashes and flickers, and the music box key in his back lets him play Fur Elise. Work by me.

Saturday, July 12, 2014

No Time For Fooling Around!

"You're gonna get us caught."

Kitso and Taki are Field Hobs who occasionally go on a raid in The House. Taki does not take these raids as seriously as Kitso would like him to.

Taki, the pesky one, is a Fairyland RealPuki Sleeping Soso on a Puki puki body, dyed.
Kitso, the exasperated one, is a Fairyland Pukipuki Madeleine mod.

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Ghosts of the Past

Hands and Aithne were "involved" once. It didn't last.
These two are from my Otherworld story. 
Hands is a Fairyland Ruth mod, dyed, and she's a Unoa Sist on a Minifee body.