My Dolls- The Otherworld Gang

Made up of Fairyland Minifees or Minifee hybrids, the Otherworld gang are characters from an Urban Fantasy sort of tale I have that's set here in a version of the modern world.

Two Hands
Company and sculpt: Fairyland MNF Ruth, A-Line Muscle body.
Resin colour: dyed NS
Modifications: Nose, chin, dye
Faceup: Me
Eyes: No idea, 12 mm?
Wig: Leeke natural black size 6-7
Age: 20
 Yes, that's his actual name, according to him. Everyone who knows him calls him Hands. He has a complicated history, and was originally born on a Navajo Reservation in 1915. He's still alive and 20 years old today because he was recruited at that age to his current job...

He is an Agent of the High Council, the people ( and beings, ahem) who more or less rule the Otherworld, the world of magic, and keep it from leaking into our mortal world. They made him ageless, hard to kill, and gave him a few nifty tricks he can use to do his job of stopping the two worlds from accidentally mixing. In our world, he appears to be a shabby young homeless guy. He's got a usually cheerful and positive attitude in the face of everything he has to deal with.

Company and sculpt: Fairyland MNF Seorin, B-Line Normal body.
Modifications: Nose
Faceup: Me
Eyes: Soom BigBang Cat, 14mm
Wig: Monique Gold Evelyn size 6-7
Age: technically 157, so ~ late teens. As a human he looks about 19.
Scythe was once a dragon, but now he's imprisoned in his human form for refusing the advances of a  witch. She cursed him to remain human, and every day he becomes more so, aging like one. Instead of living for a dragon's age of over a thousand years, he will grow old and die in a few short years.

He's stuck in our world for crimes committed in his own, on a kind of probation until the Council decides he's fit to go home. Hands is more or less his Probation Officer, tasked with keeping an eye on the young dragon. Much to Scythe's outward chagrin, Hands is intent on being his friend as well.

Scythe is a bit of a monster, who's done horrible things for revenge and has been hurt too many times to believe he can ever stop hating. If he wants to let anyone in he's going to have to let them see him, all of him, and he's not sure he ever wants to.

Company and sculpt: Unoa Sist faceplates, Buff Headback, Fairyland MNF A-Line body, small bust, cutie legs.
Modifications: Neck, added headcap/faceplate magnets
Faceup: Me
Eyes: Eyeco 14mm
Wig: Many!
Age: Appears 19-20 or so.
Aithne's a fae blooded, free-spirited trouble maker. She is a child of both worlds, and her adventures give Hands plenty of trouble. She likes Hands and Scythe, and often tries to help them have fun.
Her name is Gaelic, and is properly pronounced more or less as EN-ya, but she goes by ETH-nae or ETH-nie with everyone but her own family.

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