Monday, January 26, 2015

Moira's Armor (minifee muscle girl mod)

I started to make her outer armor. Here she is with the plated skirts, and a waist cincher thingy made of something's scaly hide. I forgot to take pics of the process making the skirt but for the shoulder part of her outer armor I have documented the work, and I can promise I did the same thing earlier to make the skirty parts. She's also sporting a new shirt and new long riding pants made from bias cut green linen.

I cut the shape for this top part out of a burnt orange/red fabric I have that is a kind of fuzzy velveteen. I've seen various historical armor coats-of-plates made with an outer layer of similar stuff, so doing this on a fantasy armor isn't too far a stretch. I edged it in the same green trim the skirts have, although the weathering on the skirt parts makes it hard to see the color of the trim there! Making this outer armor in two pieces without much around the middle means that the waist belt part will not have to sit on top of layers of bulk, and we keep her general outline pretty slim.

Every last one of those little metal discs gets stitched on by hand. I did the same thing on the skirts.

Test fitting! Hey, not bad. 

Next I mix up some of my weathering and distressing formula and go to town on the armor, making sure it looks like used armor, and not like shiny new armor. That string there gets used to lace this top part up in the back. You can also see the lil' belt I made and weathered up.

All together now!

Hey not bad at all. I am debating adding small shoulder pauldrons, but for light riding armor, this is looking believable. I am going to give her some bracers to protect her forearms, once I figure out how they will fasten on without bulky fastenings...

I made some tack for the horse, too. That might get stirrups but is almost complete.

Heeheehee. She's finally coming together.

Sneak preview: Next time, what does an adventurer take with her when she rides? She's gonna need some luggage.

Coming soon, saddlebags, bedroll, rucksack, and personal effects!

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