So Who is Rosslyn?

Yes, that's me. Rosslyn, of Den of Angels doll forum.

I'm a strange girl in a strange little world. I'm a Christian (Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints), a political Moderate, a medieval UK history Geek, an RPG gamer, an artist, and a reader of many, many books. I hope someday to be the person my Heavenly Father means for me to be, and the kind of person my little dog totally thinks I am.  I am currently a busy college student working toward a career in Props for the Motion Picture industry.

If I ever come off as a jerk, tell me so and I will apologize immediately. I'm an Old Soul and a bit of a cynical curmudgeon, but I don't bite, I promise! I like helping people with their mod project questions if they get stuck and can't find an answer anywhere.

I got into the Ball Jointed Doll hobby in 2009 and fell heartfirst in love. I dove headfirst into the customizing part of the hobby most of all. Since then I've done customizing, faceups, costuming, props and doll-housing. Now I'm taking a photography class to learn to get better at that.

I've been doing crafty stuff since I was very young, and I've always Played in some fashion or another. I like to think the ability to Play is what keeps a person young.