Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Masssive Mods- Iplehouse YID girl

Click Here for the blog post detailing what was done, but I recently took a doll from unposable all the way to Humanly Posable. It was an interesting and sometimes daunting project, but it's done and the results are worth it.

Monday, November 14, 2011

Character Flaws

Almost all of my human/human-like characters have "flaws" of some kind, it's what makes them relatable.
Out of the Court of Dun Elisedd storyline, several of them have problems from mild to debilitating.

Lir and Elinore's issues are mostly situational- the understandable trauma of losing your family, then having to run a kingdom.

Rowena is a bit claustrophobic- a common problem but it makes her a little stir crazy when she can't leave the castle.

Kevya, now, poor Kevya- Here's a list! Poor guy has no memory of a youth or childhood, severe trauma physical and mental from being enslaved and tormented for six years, including extensive scarring and branding on his shoulders and hands. He doesn't trust people, doesn't like being touched, has a fear of crowds, being locked up, has acute senses (which can be a painful flaw, trust me) and has serious social difficulties from years of being treated like an animal. Add to this insomnia, nightmares, flashbacks, and for the first several months an inability to remember how to speak... Yeah.

Winter gets dark painful bruises if he's too close to iron or steel for very long- it's why he doesn't carry a knife. He also has an uncanny ability to tell sometimes what people's intentions are- sounds fun until you imagine if no one could lie to you. Ever. Not even when they need to. Think about it.
As a partial result, he's a terrible cynical jerk. He knows who fears him, who is smiling at him but doesn't like him, who wants to manipulate him for his influence so close to the King, and who thinks he's a coward because he did not fight in the War.

Sir Donovan had a childhood stammer in his speech that returns when he gets embarrassed, or around a pretty woman. He hates it.

Sir Malcolm was badly injured during the war. He has a marked limp in one leg and can barely do anything with his left hand anymore- nerve damage from a stab wound.
He's got bad survivor's guilt after his king and all his friends died in the war.

Mathonwy is nearsighted, so he has glasses. He was also born very pale-skinned, but that's just how he is. All he can do is avoid the harshest daylight.

Fiachra, a character coming soon, has a serious chip on her shoulder about having to play both the lovely noblewoman and the fierce warrior, and how people don't seem to want her to be anything but one or the other. She's got a bit of a lost identity.

Tiarnach, whose doll form awaits a body, has his own weirdness but that's because he's Fae. Mostly, he has angst over the fact that the woman he loves can't keep herself to herself.

Davan, also on his way, is simply freakin' sadistic. He's cruel, but not petty, and logical like a steel vise. He will dominate, possess or destroy anything of power that he comes across, no holds barred, no remorse, and no mercy.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Wardrobe Updates

So Halloween has come and gone, and the month of October is over. It has promptly begun to snow, and sealant-spraying-friendly weather will now be extremely hard to come by. It's times like this I wish fervently that I had a fume hood like in my high school chem lab.
However, I can sew, which means I can keep adding to my dolls' expanding wardrobes. I want to get each of them into a basic outfit with shoes by New Year or so. Here's Donovan's new outfit. [Donovan is an EID Akando from Iplehouse.]

In my Dun Elisedd story, Don's people are northern Clansmen heavily inspired by the historical Scots, Picts and Irish, so his clothing has influences from them, including a large penannular style brooch for his brat, or shoulder wrap, and a knee length tunic with a keyhole neckline, as well as several pieces of almost gaudy jewelry.

The outfit without the shoulder wrap. Even his belt buckle was chosen for its similarity to La Tene' period Celtic metal finds.

Here's a shot of his shoes- Not entirely historically accurate in type or construction, but plausible.

Siofra the Fae Lady got some new clothes earlier this year but I hadn't taken pics yet, so here is her new outfit.

It has a heavy Roman influence because I wanted her outfits to hearken back to an earlier style, and early British clothing was influenced by the Roman occupation. Siofra needed a Pre-Medieval look. She also needs a new faceup, but that can wait for Spring, I guess.

I never thought I'd have a doll who could get away with wearing orange, but she wears it rather well. Her coloring is so different from any of my other dolls.
[Siofra is a Resinsoul Yun cast in Light Tan.]