Thursday, January 23, 2014

Photo Class- Depth of Field

I'm taking a photography class, and this last week we learned about depth of field, which is what parts of a picture are in focus, and is controlled by aperture, among other things.

Of course I used dolls for my homework, and I got this rather cute pic of Stella. I think I need to redo her faceup more neatly, but she's looking okay as it is. Darned winter weather makes updating faceups a bit tougher.


  1. She looks so cute just the way she is! (And I discovered if I click, it feeds the fish) :D

  2. Thank you! If I redo her face it'll be the same design, just slightly different lines around the eyes.
    (and yes, the fish are basically the blogger's equivalent of a Newton's Cradle desk toy- tacky but way too much fun to get rid of.