Thursday, January 9, 2014

Not Ded. And some New Stuff.

So... whatever it was I was sick with was mostly brought on by a stress reaction. Hopefully if I take things easy and work on being calmer I can recover. I'm doing much better now, so I've been able to work more on Dolly Things, hence we have Updates!

Tiarnach (my Soom Chrom/Granado Nuevo body hybrid Elf Prince) is finally Blushed and Faceupped! (Yes, that's a word now.) The resin match of Granado's Pinky NS to this Soom NS is pretty good, blushably close. (There's another new word I may use again- Blushably.)


  1. It's amazing what havoc stress can wreak on a human body. We often underestimate how severe the effects can be. (Or at least I do... )
    I do enjoy seeing your doll work; I've lurked all over your blogs and I'm really impressed, particularly with your modding/sculpting skills. I hope you continue to mend and post more cool doll work.

    1. Aw thank you very much! This blog has followers but doesn't get many comments, so it's cool to hear from you. I am gradually getting better and stronger, but I am taking a Photography class in college that is kicking my butt. Hopefully I'll be able to upload some of those pictures here, since I keep using my dolls as my subjects half the time. (of course!)