Saturday, September 26, 2015

Standard Sewing Measurements for BJD- a work in progress

 What if I compiled measurements based on all the doll bodies I could get my lil' hands on, in cm, based on this standardizing method for measuring?

Minimum for Male/curveless/bustless dolls
1. Shoulder to shoulder
2. Neck base to shoulder
3. Neck
10. High Bust or underarm
13. Shoulder to waist.
15. Back neck to waist
16.17. Arm measurements
18. Total arm
19. wrist
21. Spread hand, whichever is largest
22. hips at "modern pants" height
23. Hips around butt
25. Waist to hipline
26,27,28. Crotch front, back and total
29. Thigh
31. waist to ankle
33. inseam
and over his foot at the heel at the widest part, since that's what pants have to fit over

And all 30 odd bits of info for female dolls.

I could do it every time I sew for one of them, just take the notes and add it to a small database.  I think I'll just start with a list of my own dolls, maybe in the Pages section...It'd be good for my own reference.

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  1. This is an awesome idea. Are you planning on posting the measurement database publicly? And are you looking for measurements for dolls you don't have? I'd h.appily contribute if so; I have a number of various SD and SD+ bodies