Monday, April 7, 2014

Mod Project- Minifee Muscular Girl part II

This is part II of a project.
 Part I is here.
Part III is here.

 Here is the current muscle body next to a Minifee female body with "small" (medium) bust.
Now, I tried, and tried, and tried to get the paint to blend into the resin, but here is my Modification Achilles Heel- I can't get that to look smooth. I probably won't until I learn to use an airbrush. I realized after failing the 8th or 9th time that what I was trying to paint over would be almost always clothed anyway, and for the rare exception I could smooth it out in PS. Someday I shall redo this with an airbrush, but not right now. So for now, I painted it to be close to the resin color, and then got on with making her some underwear.

Here's her bra: kind of clumsy compared to modern lingerie, but I have her character in a fantasy setting, not a modern one. Her clothes aren't going to look modern. I plan to post stuff I sew for her here,  because she's going to require custom clothes. Stuff that fits either male or female MNF bodies won't fit her.

Here's one more shot of her in her little mini-shorts and bra. I can't wait to get her a proper head and do her blushing and faceup. Aithne there next to her is a MNF/Unoa Sist Hybrid. 


  1. I'm currently fighting with the same thing.... trying to get the paint smooth over apoxie mods. I kind of have to find a way to get these right because they were facial mods.... blending the paint onto the resin is definitely the toughest thing I've attempted thus far. And I didn't expect that, because I've been painting for years!
    Can't wait to see what head you choose for your newly modded girl... the body looks really cool.

    1. I know, right? I've been doing crafty stuff and painting for literal decades and I still could not get the blend to be smooth. I have plans in the next few years to acquire and learn an Airbrush so I can do better work. Part of it is definitely getting the Apoxie to be the same smoothness or tooth as the resin, which took ages.

  2. Real people aren't all one color either--she looks great to me! (Your little Aithne is so cute too)

    1. Awesome, thanks! and yeah Aithne is a favorite around here. She just looks so tiny next to Moira's body there.