Monday, February 3, 2014

The Minis Needed Luv

Scythe on a laptop- Not sure it's his, he can't afford one. He looks like he's making remixes or something. Honestly he's probably lining up a new Bach playlist. I think this dorky lil' outfit is what he has to wear as a barista at the Green Leaf cafe where he works.

Scythe is a FL Minifee Seorin in NS from the first run of Seorins, so he's got this mellow gold tone of NS. (aged resin, mmmm) His nose has been slightly modded, he's wearing MNF girl hands, and his wig is a Monique Evelyn. Aesthetics by me.

I like how the light in this one makes them look like they're in front of a window.

Scythe's room, which needs books for the shelves and a wee record player for Scythe's vinyl. He has got a laundry hamper, that's something.
Hands, quit pestering Scythe, he looks annoyed with you.

Hands is the dyed MNF Ruth there with the ripped up jeans and the personal boundary issues.


  1. The story you have for your minis is really interesting... reminds me a little bit of something Neil Gaiman might come up with (which is a compliment in my book!)
    Also I like Hands quite a lot.

    1. *SQUEE* Thank you for the lovely compliment! The Otherworld story certainly draws some inspirations from Gaiman's "Neverwhere", of which I am a fan. I am most pleased to be compared in any way to him! I'm definitely not that good a writer, and I don't know if I ever will be.
      Hands is fun. He prods and pesters Scythe quite a lot.