Thursday, April 5, 2012

Note to Self: Do Not Order Custom Work From Nobility Doll

I was part of Humbug's ( a user on Den of Angels BJD Forum) Custom Female Muscle Body Order.

My misgivings started when I was not impressed with Nobility Doll's sculptor's ability to do work outside their comfort zone. Nobility just could not seem to grasp that we wanted a BULKY female with muscle. They kept showing us designs that looked like a starved Hollywood model with a little muscle pinned on, and we kept sending them back with, "No, could you make her MUSCULAR please? Like in all the pictures we sent?" It went on for a few months of revisions. Oct 2010 to the next year was the total time for design and casting of the dolls. The final design was not what I had hoped, and not what Humbug's drawings had shown, but it was close, so I was willing to settle.

They started shipping them out at the end of October 2011 but mine never shipped because someone else in our skin tone group told them to hold off on casting- Not only did he not tell us this, but Nobility didn't either, not until I had contacted them- They are hard to get a hold of, btw. They aren't exactly swift at answering their Q&A board, and the English is very difficult to make sense of. (more so than any other company I have dealt with. I get that it's a hard language, but if you want to use it and can't, find someone who can and pay them) They then told me they were not casting my doll because of something someone else told them. Someone not me. They also claimed to have told me so in an email, which I did receive but it had been so horribly garbled I had thought it said they were casting. They really could do with paying a better translator.

By March 2012: It took me two weeks of wait time on their answers to confirm that Yes, I did want my doll cast, and yes, go ahead and use your NS since the person who had volunteered to send them the promised resin samples had neglected to ever do so, which led to them not casting my doll without telling me they were going to hold off on my order.

Upon the arrival of the doll, in April 2012
Two of my friends who were NOT dolly people were shocked by her casting quality, or rather terrible lack thereof. She's got seams I could cut myself on and a lot of resin dust, as well as crud in her stringing channels. She arrived with both hips severely dislocated so badly when I opened the box that I thought they had half unstrung her. The S-hook was half embedded in a tangle of knots and half-buried into the resin of the neck. I had to cut the elastic with a razor to free everything up. Her resin tone is a good match to my Souldoll head, but her stringing was so screwed up I haven't been able to try the head on properly yet, and I doubt I'll be able to until I fix the SERIOUS failures in the engineering. This is the kind of quality I'd expect from a single-person operation or a cheapy-cheap company who happens to cast BJDs- Even Resinsoul and Mirodoll, low cost Chinese companies, have far better quality control than this.

I am so furious with Nobility Doll for taking so long to get Humbug's lovely design even vaguely close to right, for their engineering being so faulty I'm going to have months of work to make this doll function AT ALL,
and then with making me wait for months without telling me that someone else had told them to hold my order! Topping it all off, this looks like they slapped the doll together and more or less threw her in the box and out the door!

Humbug, I cannot thank you enough for making this doll happen more or less in spite of their customer service "skills", but I am never buying anything from Nobility Doll again.

Edit 4/12: I am asking them for a partial refund. I will update this if they agree to refund some of my money.

4/17: Nobility gave me their answer:

Hello there,

I am sorry that you're not satisfied with our doll.
The doll you placed order is for group order, so it's not possible to focus on individuals specific & personal demanding for quality or preference.
As you know, cost, you paid, is 30% less than normal 60cm doll. In addition, you cannot refund because it's made by customized order.
Concerning fitting line on the body, you can simply get rid of it by sanding, and it's very easy job. If you're not confident, please send it to me. I will do sending it for free withouht shipping fee
Thank you for your understanding.

So, I can't get a partial refund or any refund because it was Custom Work. (Custom Work they screwed up on royally.)

And they believe it was okay to have horrible quality because it was a group order so they couldn't concentrate on individual quality. (THE HECK??)

And the ruined state of the casting job is okay because if I work on it myself I can fix it. (Gee golly, Thanks! A huge mod project, just what I did not pay for!)

OR I can gamble on shipping it back to them, and trust in their "excellent standard" of work to remove the seams for me. HAIL NO, thank you, I've seen the quality of your work so far. I wouldn't put a doll back into your hands if you paid me to do it.

This is the end of my dealings with Nobility Doll.

Den of angels thread with me trying to fix this doll.

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