Saturday, April 7, 2012

Dolly work update- pics coming later!

Now that it's Spring, a lot of the dolls are going to get reblushing, restringing, and more clothes to complete my Court of Dun Elisedd...

So Siofra my Light Tan Resinsoul Yun has a gorgeous new body, courtesy of the color matching skills of the doll company Angell-Studio, and just needs a little more blushing and a finish on her faceup.
She looks amazing! Angell-Studio sanded her seams for free, and sent her strung with silicone kips in the joints. She poses incredibly well with a rib height joint and thigh mobility joints that have locks inside them. This is one of the most beautiful SD female bodies I've ever seen. It's somewhat slender but not skinny- toned and graceful. The resin is of a very high quality, and utterly smooth. Angell-Studio has a new customer for life!

Today I strung my new Unoa-Minifee hybrid as well. Her name is Aithne, and her character will be part of the same story as Hands and Scythe, my other mid-sized dolls. They're in an urban fantasy story I've called "Otherworld". She is a fae blooded witch girl who is a free spirit exploring the world of Men. I had to string her pretty tightly, and it will take some serious blush work to get her Unoa head to match the Fairyland Minifee A-Line body, but she'll be so pretty once she's done.

I am working on re-doing my Littlefee Elf El's faceup. I got that mostly done today. It needs a few more touches and then the eyebrow and lash lines.

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