Sunday, June 26, 2011

Corn is No Place For a Mighty Warrior

So right now my studio is halfway unpacked from moving, thanks to the fabulousness of a best friend. Since I'm not done setting up again, doll mods are slow at the moment but are at least faster than they have previously been the last four months.

I'm working on a Fairyland Pukipuki/Realpuki hybrid, giving him the sturdier body of a pukipuki but the elfin face of a Realpuki Soso sleeping faceplate. He's going to be Apple's beau and eventual husband.
So far he's had his headback adjusted to take the Realpuki faceplate, dyed a mahogany tan, and now given a teeny tiny faceup made possible by Acrylic thinner and a new paintbrush I have that lets me make ridiculously tiny lines.
Here he is, in all his tiny nude glory:

Now that he has a face proper, I can't help but think I've made a mistake. I've been calling him Sorrel up until this point, reasoning that Apple had a floral name so he should too. Sorrel is just not the kind of name a tribal-looking little hunter and warrior should have. He seems much more joyful and fierce. Especially fierce. Sorrel is no name for a mighty warrior. I must find him a new name.

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  1. Hey... I want to do a RealPuki/PukiPuki hybrid myself, but the Kaka faceplate I have doesn't fit on the PukiPuki body I have. The faceplate won't go all the way 'in', it leaves a gap and falls off. How was that for you? Did you have to mod the headback or faceplate at all..?