Sunday, June 19, 2011

About Apple

Type: Fairyland Tyni, a realpuki from Fairyland
Name: Apple Blossom
Nickname(s): Imp, fashionista, The Domestic Goddess
Sex: F
Age: Unknown/young lady
Birthdate: unknown
Faceup: Me
Skin: Normal
Hair: FakeFur from e'bay
Eyes: Glib Brown 6mm
Nationality/Species: Fairy
Favourite colours: Green, strawberry
Look: Fairy nature sprite thing.
Likes: The outdoors, her sister, exploring, collecting sparkly things, nesting, making new fashion creations
Dislikes: Being told to sit still
Secrets: Is considering finding herself a mate and making a love nest.
Personality: Cheeky, clever, sneaky, cheerful, optimistic
Background: Came here with her sister Cherry Blossom looking for fun and adventure

When the company Fairyland first released their 9cm Realpuki line, I thought the Tyni sculpt was obnoxious and kinda homely. He didn't have eyebrows to speak of and they gave him a long pointy mosquito nose. Then I saw owner pictures and I started to get ideas. Ideas about maybe modding the nose, and how cute the Tyni's eyes could be, and what if it were painted and dressed as a girl instead of a boy... (Realpuki bodies are gender neutral) Eventually I fell in love and got one, and within an hour of opening the box I had modded her nose to be less pointy and began planning faceups.

I tried several looks, but she ended up with a surprisingly feminine ladylike faceup, complete with impish lashes and strawberry lips. She also just looked best in blonde, another thing I had not expected. She was going to be my little wild fae, but she wanted gowns, frocks and dresses! Jewelry and tiaras, and maybe a few purses? Her sense of style is still very nature-based and whimsical, but I never thought I'd have a fairy who wants to be a fashion designer!

Her personality appears to be some expression of my home-maker side, because all this fairy wants to do is set up house, interior decorate, and cook and sew amazing fae couture! She's got a little pumpkin house that she's set up shop in for now, and she is a designer for other fairies who come to get gowns made by her.

I bought a tiny sewing machine and I found this wee sewing basket at Hobby Lobby with ribbons and thread and things. She has several outfits now, and teeny tiny jewelry, and two pairs of shoes from Fairyland.

I am working on a Pukipuki/Realpuki hybrid so she can have a beau, and then I have a teensy tiny micro BJD, a "Squee" from DreamHigh Studio that is 5cm high, and he's gonna be their kid after they get married. Yes, I've got it all planned, hah.

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