Sunday, April 10, 2011

Some of the Tinies

My Dolls: The Tinies
In the Asian Ball Jointed Doll Hobby, "tinies" are the dolls about 26cm and smaller. These are some of mine.

Type: Fairyland Littlefee Pipi, modded, Soom Ai hooves
Name: Stella the Troll Child
Nickname(s): Stella-Bella
Age: somewhere around 7
Birthdate: April 12, which is when I had finished her, I think, in 2010
Faceup: By Me, all mods by me
Nationality/Species: Bridge Troll
Favourite colours: Green, rose, earth tones
Skin:":"white "
Hair: fake fur wig
Eyes: violet 14mm
Sex: Female
Look: Earthy/Nature themed fantasy clothes
Likes: Nature, books, dressing up in awesome clothes, running around, pastries, mushrooms
Dislikes: pesky fairies. Bad writing. Swiss cheese.
Secrets: Wants a rose pink Tudor gown
Personality: Bit of a loner, book child with a lively imagination
Background: none in particular.

Sculpt: Fairyland Pukipuki Pipi
Name: Pip
Nickname(s): my Darling
Age: Unknown
Birthdate: June 13
Faceup: By me
Nationality/Species: Elf pixie thing
Favourite colours: Blue
Hair: little brown pigtails by Tabloach! 3-4"
Eyes: Very blue, unknown 8mm
Sex: Female
Look: She is my little fairygnome girl! Favorite outfits are the green felt sundress I made her, her steampunk outfit and goggles, or her traveling leathers, with a little string belt she keeps charms on. Prefers to go barefoot, but owns leather slippers, tennies and little elf clogs.
Likes: Her nest, Sparkly things, Seashells, silver charms, playing outside, bothering the bigger dolls, Playing with Mister Tibbles the plushie cat, exploring, sailing in her airship, playing with Nikos, Briar, and Iggy, her puki friends so far, or hanging out with Apple and Timmany the fairies.
Dislikes: Being bored, being alone, scary movies, being teased by Nikos.
Secrets: Likes to dress up and be a pretty-princess every so often.
Personality: Wise but childlike, Very curious and bold, eager to "asplore new fings an' places". Speaks entirely in LOL. "Can haz airship?"
Background: Arrived a bit bewildered from her many travels, but settled right in, thrilled to be out of the wide world and have a room and a nest of her very own. Now that she's adjusted, she's raring for another high adventure and hoping I find her friends to share it with. "Da Airship Fisseldown gotta haz a crew!"

Type: Fairyland Tyni
Name: Apple Blossom
Nickname(s): Imp
Sex: F
Age: Unknown/young lady
Birthdate: unknown
Faceup: Me
Skin:": Normal
Hair: FakeFur
Eyes: Glib Brown 6mm
Nationality/Species: Fairy
Favourite colours: Green
Look: Fairy nature sprite thing.
Likes: The outdoors, her sister, teasing Stella sometimes, exploring, collecting sparkly things, nesting
Dislikes: Being told to sit still
Secrets: Is considering finding herself a mate and making a love nest.
Personality: Cheeky, clever, sneaky, cheerful, optimistic
Background: Came here with her sister Cherry looking for fun and adventure

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