Friday, April 22, 2011

About Timmany

Timmany is one of my very smallest dolls, at about 6 cm tall. She's a Limited Edition Sylph from DreamHigh Studio, from a production run of a month or two in Winter 2010->2011. I bought her for myself as a reward of sorts for hanging on through some pretty freaky happenings. I like to think her stubborn face and teeny fists symbolize a sort of hopeful little fighting spirit.

This is her sitting on Stella's lap, in her new wig I just made. Her first wig was white tibetan mohair, and it was unruly and stiff and wouldn't stay on. This one is softer lambswool roving, wispier and better fitting. It also matches the eyebrows she came painted with. Timmany is one of the only dolls I have whose face I did not paint- I ordered her fully blushed and painted because she was just so small, I don't know that I could do it myself. Her eyes are the ones she arrived with from DH Studio. I have no idea what size they are, but the teal is a pretty color.

Here she is with her new wings. I made them from a printout of Cicada wings, some wire, and superglue. They're stuck to her back with sticky-tac for now. I'm wondering about attaching them permanently but we'll see. She's looking much more "herself" with them on.

So far, character-wise, she's a feisty little thing, but given to wailing and a bit of sulking if she's feeling particularly miserable. This is cleared up quickly by a half-thimbleful of something tasty. She likes the company of the other tinies, and is quick to perch on an available shoulder, hand, arm or head of any other doll nearby.

Timmany is also the only fairy I have with this magical talent- She glows! I tried to catch the effect of her glow in this pic. After exposure to bright light, her glow is intense! DH Studio is the only company I know of that is currently producing Glow In The Dark dolls. Donny (the artist) has formulated a durable new resin recipe that lets him not only sculpt things to be cast so small, but it appears to take glow-pigment-stuff really well!

This is a quick snapshot of Timmany's Lantern House. I bought a lantern from a local home decor place, lined the bottom with Mosscloth, and the back panel with fake vellum to keep it translucent so light can come in. She has a little seashell and a tiny basket in there, and a scrap of white rabbit fur for a bed. I put the little gold seal on the top of the lantern- a piece I made years ago out of Sculpey.

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