Thursday, November 19, 2015

So what happened to Rosslyn this Autumn? (medical stuff)

My participation in online stuff was sparse at best,
 because again this year I got very sick.

Yeah yeah, I know. Every year. Allergies -> sinus infection ->bronchitis, -> pneumonia. Every. Year.

Warning, mild Medical talk ahead.

But this year was different because I was in so much sinus pain, and so miserable at the idea of another half-year in bed that I wheedled the doctors into doing a CT scan of my head and sinuses. Good thing too, because I had a condition called Silent Sinus Syndrome, which you can't see unless you do a CT scan.  It was probably why I have been unable to recover normally from sinus infections,  and has been an ongoing condition for years. The cure? A surgery! With multiple parts to solve all the structural problems my sinuses had!

Oh what fun. No, it really wasn't, but modern medicine is wonderful. I'll spare you the details of the surgery and recovery process, but it took a long time to progress through recovery, and I am still on Rx rinses to continue the healing, a month later.

Now what they do not tell you, when they rearrange the inside of your face in 3 different sinus procedures at once, is that bone is exhausting to heal. I'd never broken bone before, so I didn't know this. It really takes it outta you to heal any amount of work done to your bones. Also, I am recovering from over a month spent in bed. So now I am again very gradually increasing the amount of work I am able to do.

All this was very stressful for me on an Executive Functioning level too ( I am autistic, and getting complex tasks of some types done is not my best area) so I had to drop out of school for the semester, and I'll try again next semester. I am now being very, very careful about the levels of stress I subject myself to. I get swamped by stress very easily and I run out of mental energy very easily, (not just "Oooh, I'm all stressed and too tired to concentrate any more", but "ack I can't form sentences anymore or think straight and words are make thingy hand gestures someone drive me home should so home safe think yes please," so I have to take things slowly.


  1. HUGS. Get well soon (as soon as possible without stressing yourself)!

    1. Aw, thank you! I've been able to go back to martial arts class this week, and to my career-job, too.