Sunday, November 6, 2011

Wardrobe Updates

So Halloween has come and gone, and the month of October is over. It has promptly begun to snow, and sealant-spraying-friendly weather will now be extremely hard to come by. It's times like this I wish fervently that I had a fume hood like in my high school chem lab.
However, I can sew, which means I can keep adding to my dolls' expanding wardrobes. I want to get each of them into a basic outfit with shoes by New Year or so. Here's Donovan's new outfit. [Donovan is an EID Akando from Iplehouse.]

In my Dun Elisedd story, Don's people are northern Clansmen heavily inspired by the historical Scots, Picts and Irish, so his clothing has influences from them, including a large penannular style brooch for his brat, or shoulder wrap, and a knee length tunic with a keyhole neckline, as well as several pieces of almost gaudy jewelry.

The outfit without the shoulder wrap. Even his belt buckle was chosen for its similarity to La Tene' period Celtic metal finds.

Here's a shot of his shoes- Not entirely historically accurate in type or construction, but plausible.

Siofra the Fae Lady got some new clothes earlier this year but I hadn't taken pics yet, so here is her new outfit.

It has a heavy Roman influence because I wanted her outfits to hearken back to an earlier style, and early British clothing was influenced by the Roman occupation. Siofra needed a Pre-Medieval look. She also needs a new faceup, but that can wait for Spring, I guess.

I never thought I'd have a doll who could get away with wearing orange, but she wears it rather well. Her coloring is so different from any of my other dolls.
[Siofra is a Resinsoul Yun cast in Light Tan.]


  1. Oooo, nice, the both of them! Of course this is my 'pet style/period' :D... Yay for bright colours and gaudy jewellery! But where on earth do you find these brooches and buckles?

    Siofra is lovely. I can never get over how lovely Resinsoul dolls are in reality; their company pictures are so atrocious! Iplehouse, on the other hand... Let's just say Donovan has a new fangirl :P.

  2. His outfit is inspired quite a bit by by Lot's clothes in your Project, actually. *grin* My main story is quasi-medieval, but in their world the further north you go, the more ancient the style I've given the people is, to get a familiarity people will recognize while making it look like I have several cultures running round. Don's from the mountain Clans, so he gets Arthurian Celtic duds. I'm so glad you like him!

    The brooch for him is from one of my reenactment events. It'd be small on a human but it's huge for him. The buckle is a fancy jewelry finding I cut a loop off of. I use jewelry hardware for a lot of doll stuff.

    I love Siofra, but she's the one I'm trying to figure new body for. RS uses too many locks and not enough ball joints in their engineering, and the body is thus incredibly flippy and kicky, and no good at poses it can't lock into. I'm looking at modding it, but at this point it'd be easier to buy a new bod and try to dye it to match her, or wait for a good Nobility Group body order and have them cast me a body in her skintone.

    Thank you for commenting!!