Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Quiz thing- If your Dolls could speak

If your dolls could speak, or for some reason had to have actors to provide voices for them, who would you pick?
Just gonna answer for the Court, as trying this for all the dolls would take a while.

My gang, let's see... All of the Court should technically have British-like accents, with a few exceptions, seeing as they are from a world based on medieval Cornwall, Wales, Sussex, Wessex, and so on. Time to hit IMDb!

Lir, His Majesty, should have a tenor-baritone range, quite soft spoken. Almost never raised, but very commanding in certain tones. Joseph Fiennes could do Lir's voice very well.

Kevya... Low tenor, informal tone. His accent isn't quite English. It isn't quite anything really. You'd have to mix Gaelic, Spanish and a little Hebrew or Arabic to get the correct cadences and sounds for his accent, and it still would be a little off. He belongs to a people who have their own language in the Medieval Fantasy world I've made, and it's got a lot of Semitic language rhythms to it, but since my second language is Spanish, some of the vowels are particularly Italic/Romance based. (*NERD*)
However, I'm not sure who I'd pick to be his voice actor.

Lady Rowena is a second soprano, and probably sounds a lot like Kate Winslet, circa Sense and Sensibility.

Princess Elinore ...Not sure. She hasn't been around long enough for me to figure out who I'd have to voice her.

Winter, the Harpist... Tenor, a singer's voice, fine elocution, prone to a sardonic edge. David Tennant ( 10th Doctor, BBC's Dr. Who) would do an amazing job here.

Donovan actually sounds a lot like Ewan MacGregor, when that actor isn't covering his native Scottish accent quite so much as he typically does.

Sir Malcolm Owen- Gerard Butler. Resonance, man, resonance.

Mathonwy, the Scholar, should probably sound a bit more Welsh. Not that I really have a clear idea of how it sounds, but he should. And he's a tenor, nice and clear, good vocabulary, excellent diction. No idea who'd play him. Someone Welsh?

Siofra the Fae should have a melodic, sensual Alto, with a gaelic sort of lilt to it. Laura Fraser, who played Kate the Ferris in A Knight's Tale, would be great for this role.

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